Can I do SEO of my Own Website?

Many website owners have this question in their mind – can I do SEO of my own website? What is the need of giving so much money to an SEO expert? Isn’t it a good idea that I can do the SEO of my own website?

Read on this blog post to understand if you can do SEO of your own website or not?

As you all are aware that I am working on a series of SEO Tutorials and as I promised to the readers of my blog that I will try to publish a tutorial on every week on SEO, here is your treat as the third post from SEO Tutorials series. Although I already published an article on SEO Tips 2014 this week, which considerably is the best blog ever written by me on SEO and can be called tutorial itself but then it is not something which can be the part of this series.

So here we go with the SEO tutorials series and those who are not aware about the other blogs which I published on this series can check these two blogs:

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To continue with the same series of SEO knowledge, let’s discuss about one of the most common questions which come into the mind of almost every website owner. We all know that SEO is a bit complex thing especially after the Penguin, Panda, and Pigeon updates by Google But to be very honest, it is not that much difficult as well.

Can I do SEO of my Own Website?

Can I do SEO of my Own Website?

Can I do SEO of my Own Website?

Well yes, you can do SEO yourself of your own website. If you really understand the basics of SEO and develop your website with the best SEO practices, you’re a SEO expert of your website.

Most people consider this as the most complex thing in the web world. Ask some of my blogger friends and they will tell you that they are scared of this term SEO. SEO is a rocket science for them.

Although it is not at all true.

If you ask me, SEO is a very easy thing to do and not at all a rocket science. You just need to know some of the basics and this is quite an easy task to do.

Don’t believe me?

Let me tell you an interesting thing. In my 10 years of working life, I took around hundreds of interview, majority of them for the post of SEO Executive including fresher’s, guys with around 2-3 years of experience and more.

While interviewing them I realized one important thing, most of them (around 90%) were not at all aware about the things related with SEO. They were not even aware of the very basics of SEO and still they were working at some organization as an SEO expert. I just wondered that what will be the fate of the website on which these people will work.

Unfortunately it was the fate of my industry SEO. If those guys can do SEO then why can’t you?

Creative Work – SEO

It is undoubtedly true that SEO is a creative work. You can implement new things and get the results. Though it is said that Google has implemented so many things on SEO industry and trying to kill this industry as well but to be very frank, Google has not done anything wrong. After all they are known for providing the best results to their users then how come they can allow sites which they consider as of poor quality on their search engine results page?

So cleaning of those poor quality sites from the search engine search pages was a necessity. If your website has something good for its users nobody can stop you to be displayed on Google search pages. And this is what the duty of an SEO expert is.

If you are aware of the industry changes, you will support me that the basics of SEO have not at all changed during last ten years or so. It is still the same to make your website on the needs of your visitors. Provide the thing which your visitors are looking for.

No matter if a SEO expert suggests the changes to make on your website or you do it as per your own thought, the purpose is served.

There is so much information about SEO and how to do SEO available in the world of web. You can also be able to get so many tutorials like this series which I am delivering for you, which can guide you about the best SEO practices. Depending on your time, willingness and understanding, you can be able to learn all those things quite easily and implement the same on your own website.

Cons of Self SEO

You might ask me then why should I go for hiring an SEO expert like you?

You are quite genuine. After all it is not making a sense to hire a SEO expert for a good cost while you can do all those things yourself.

Let me tell you the best reason why you need the help of a professional SEO in the optimization of your website. You all know that Google is making so many changes in SEO. If by chance your website ever met any penalty by Google that time an experienced SEO will come handy. An experienced SEO can easily tell about the exact issue associated with your website rather than if you are doing it by your own. You have to understand what actually went wrong.

Getting this idea and then making changes to rectify the loss is the specialty of an SEO, for which they are being paid for. You can also reach to that level, but then it will require time and practice.

That’s all for the SEO tutorials for this week. I am sure that you all will be now ready to learn SEO from me as you too want to become an SEO expert and implement things on your own website.

Please do share whatever you think about this blog post of mine. You can also comment about something which I might have missed in this post.

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