7 Benefits of Blogging!

We do know why blogging and now we are going to discuss the benefits of blogging. Read this blog post of mine to know more about 7 benefits of blogging.

Honestly, the era of blogging seems so fancy and currently in vogue! To be very frank the coming days will also belong to blogging only. Blogging is being the hot cake of the moment; everyone wants to get the sweet taste out of it. We already have discussed about the top 10 reasons to start blogging, but we never discussed about the benefits of blogging.

To be very frank, when I said currently the era of blogging seems so fancy and in vogue! I was actually inspired by the fact that we all are a type of blogger now a days. Do you think if only you have a blog on blogger with a domain name like myblog.blogspot.com or myblog.blogspot.in then only you are a blogger?

No, it’s not true that if you own a domain name and blog there, then only you’re a blogger.

Genuinely no, we all are blogger who is sharing some opinion in the world of web. And if someone is reading those opinions, sharing their views on that, it clearly means that you are also a blogger. You do share something on recent happenings in your country on Facebook, and you became a blogger. You do share something on twitter, and you became a micro-blogger, after all twitter works on this concept of micro blogging only.

So that’s enough to suggest that we all are a blogger. The only difference is that someone does it on a very serious note and someone is doing it casually. But yes, almost everyone is a blogger these days.

7 Benefits of Blogging

7 Benefits of Blogging

7 Benefits of Blogging! 

Being said that, let’s discuss about the real benefits which we get through blogging. Here are those 7 benefits which you can get from blogging:

Express Yourself 

As I said this in the reasons of blogging post as well that we normally do blogging to express ourselves only. It is a best mean to express your thoughts. No matter if you are sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, on a BlogSpot blog, on a WordPress blog, or on a self hosted blog, but any way you are actually expressing your own opinions.

This is such a powerful mean to express someone’s thought that you cannot imagine its effectiveness. You shared something and someone from a very far distance can also read and respond to it. The other person can also share their opinion and express themselves through your blog.

So if you ask me the best benefits of blogging is undoubtedly self-expression. I usually say the same about myself as well, I choose blogging to express whatever little knowledge I have and I guess my readers like reading the same.

Better Writing Skills 

You can understand this from the fact that if you see some of my blogs written a few years back and if you compare them with a blog which I wrote in last few days, you can clearly understand the improvement in my writing. And the credit of the same goes to this habit of blogging only.

I do realize with each passing day that I am becoming a good writer, and the credit goes to this habit of writing blogs daily. It certainly improves my writing skills and hence I suppose that blogging will improve the writing skills of a person, if they decided to become a regular blogger.

Improve Yourself 

As I said that blogging will improve your writing skills but writing skills is not the only thing which will improve through blogging, it will also improve the creativity inside you. Did you realize that blogging made me a graphics designer as well? Did you see the improvement in the images which I design for my blogs?

Honestly, when I became a regular blogger, I tried learning Photoshop as well, then though I did not get the chance to learn Photoshop in details, but still I am being able to create some good pictures for my blog. And now with the help of the site like Canva.com I am being able to design satisfactory images for my blogs.

Not only this; blogging also improves the communication skills of a person. Honestly I was a very shy guy and was not that much comfortable in talking to strangers. Face to face talking was the last thing which I wanted to do with any stranger, but now I don’t have any issue in talking to anyone through my blog, FB, Twitter or what’s app as well.

So the most usual benefits of blogging is that after sometime you will realize that you are improving so much.

Learning New Things 

Blogging undoubtedly gives you a chance to learn so many new things. Without remaining updated to the latest happenings in your field, it will become hard for you to blog about them.

So if you want to blog on some particular industry, you will always have to learn new things about that particular industry. If Ruchi tells my blog as Blog-O-Pedia, it clearly means that I will have to stay updated about blogging tips and then only I can be able to write blogs on the same.

Increased Visibility 

Let me tell you about one interesting comment which I saw on one of my friend’s blog about myself. Let me show you that:

Blogging Benefits Quote

Blogging Benefits Quote

Vidhya Rao, posted an interesting comment about myself on the blog of Shweta:

“These days I am seeing Alok’s name reference everywhere….Deep Respect to this kind hearted man.”

This is a clear example of my increased visibility on different sites. And the credit of all this should be given to blogging only.

Blogging does give you the opportunity to express yourself and if people start liking it, soon you will be able to visible to others as well. Honestly blogging and social media, these two are the open platforms which can make you popular. Without investing much on these platforms you can be able to establish an identity of yourself.

Being a Status of Expert 

Undoubtedly the best benefits of blogging can be considered as the opportunity which it gives to establish yourself as an expert of your field. Anyone can create a blog, it is absolutely free for all, but then with time, many will establish themselves as an expert of their field with the help of their blog.

It can only be possible if you do share your thoughts on a regular basis and a group of followers who respect your knowledge and seek the insights from you will start following your thoughts and thus anyone who will visit your blog for the first time as well, can be able to clearly express that you are an expert of your industry.

Not all blogs will be considered as an expert, only the blogs which has certain followers or which shares really useful stuffs about something and which has some comments of its followers can only be considered as an expert’s blog. This way the blogger get an identity of being an expert.

At this point, do understand it that it cannot be achieved overnight. It takes months and sometimes years of continuous efforts of blogging.

Become an Author 

Those who are a regular visitor of my blog know that I am an author as well. Honestly if you are not aware about it then you should check out these blog posts of mine:

Revenge of Humiliation – My First Fictional Work in Drenched Souls!
Anybody Can Do Blogging, But Not Guest Blogging – My First Book!

Honestly during last few years, I realized that almost every blogger’s final destination is to become an author. The confidence which is required to become an author is being given to me by my blogging only. Blogging is an exercise which is supposes to improve your writing skills and hence you can always think about being an author.

So these are some of the benefits of blogging. I guess I might have missed some other benefits of blogging in this post. If you do know some, please don’t hesitate to share the same with us over here.

You can also share what you think about this blog post of mine. You can express yourself in the form of comments under the blog post. Not only that if you also want to become a blogger, contact me immediately for it and I will help you to become a blogger. Depending on the needs and requirement, I have different solutions for everyone. Please do share your thought and comments about it.

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