What Exactly is SEO?

Do you know what exactly SEO is? When I ask this question, most of the time the response which I receive is of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Is it enough to define SEO? I don’t think so. So read my blog on what exactly is SEO?

Don’t remember how many interviews I had taken for an SEO opening. Most of the time it irritates me when I asked this question of what is SEO, and the response came in the form of the above line.

When you are taking an interview for the opening of SEO executive and so called 2-3 years experienced guys and girls are giving the interview, you cannot at least expect the full form of the term. I do expect a little more about what exactly is SEO.

What Exactly is SEO? 

What Exactly is SEO?

What Exactly is SEO?

Many people consider search engine optimization aka SEO as a process of increasing the traffic to a website. Well, how many of you believe SEO as a process of increasing traffic to a website?

Honestly I don’t believe on this definition anymore. There was a time when I was also a firm believer of this definition but not now.

If you ask me today, I would say you that SEO is a process through which we can increase the visibility of a website and make it proper, so that if a person can visit the website, should be able to get exactly what they are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization 

What is Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization

Let me elaborate the definitions of SEO as per my definition.

Though I usually share some random blog posts on SEO tips, but then out of sudden I realize if I need to share some basic posts as well, and hence the idea of sharing this blog post came into my mind.

Gone are the days when people use to check the search engine rankings of a website for the set of different keywords, gone are the days when people were crazily going or running towards making back links towards their website. SEO has emerged many things ahead of those situations.

Search engine optimization is ideally a process to increase the visibility of your website, so that it can be found everywhere on the world of web, though specifically places related to your domain. It includes two things one is On Page Optimization and the other is Off Page Optimization.

On Page Optimization 

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

It is the group of tasks which you perform on your own website. It includes the things like keyword analysis, content creation, creating Meta tags, creating Alt tags, inserting keywords into the page, putting header tags, making proper navigations, sitemaps creation, managing robots.txt files, deciding if the website needs any redirection, and many more things related to the website structure.

This is a time consuming task, normally people thing it can be done overnight, but honestly it takes too much time. If a website is of around 5-10 pages only, then you can expect it to be done within a few weeks, but then it is a continuous process as well, and you still need to modify these things in coming days as well.

On the other hand if a website is having more than 100 pages, then you can yourself understand the time required to maintain the On Page factors of the site.

Off Page Optimization 

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization

Now this is a section for the promotion of your website on others website. You need to share your website to the places where relevant discussion is going on. Be it social media, be it an article site, be it a blog, be it a press release, and be it anything related to your business, you can spread about your site over there.

Some precautions are always required doing off page optimization. And the most important consideration is that the quality of the content which you share anywhere to promote your site.

Remember you should not left your link to a place which is considered as a bad place. Other than those you can place your foot mark to any place, which can benefit your site. Now how can you decide whether a particular site is good for leaving your link or not?

Honestly here only the role of an experienced SEO came into place. The experience SEO will be aware of the reputation of the place where he/she is leaving your link, and in what manner.

This is crucial. This is the reason why I always tell everyone to hire an experience SEO, who will make sure that their activity should not damage the reputation of your website.

So that is the all for today about what is SEO, I am sure you all have enjoyed this tutorial type of blog post. I did try my best to share my own experiences with you all. Please do share what is your opinion about this blog post of mine. I am eagerly waiting for your responses on this blog post, so that I can further come up with similar stuffs in future.

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