How to Build a Healthy and Loving Relationship?

How many of us know the tricks of building a healthy and loving relationship? Honestly it is an arts as well as it includes some science in building relationships. Read on this blog post of mine on how to build a healthy and loving relationship.

To be very frank, it is a general perception that when we find love with someone, we expect everything will be fine and perfect in our relationship. During our courtship it remains same too, but then do you think the reality also remains same?

Does every moments which we live in our relationship remains the same as we expect it to be a perfect one?

Obviously not, it is life and it can bring uncertain things in our life. So how can we be able to sustain them?

Honestly I have seen many people who don’t even bother to decide to break relationship based on some very basic differences. I truly believe getting love is quite easy, but building relationship with your love is quite difficult.

No matter what but romantic relationships are the fundamental component of our lives, and we should know how to manage it properly, and hence here is my blog on the same.

How to Build a Healthy and Loving Relationship?

How to Build a Healthy and Loving Relationship?

How to Build a Healthy and Loving Relationship? 

Once you committed in any relationships, little things start building up. You will be surprised to know that those little things were something which you really loved a few days back only, but now you are getting annoyed of it. Women in a relationship can relate to the old age habit of men leaving wet towel at the desk, while men can fed up with the time his women is taking in her makeup and getup.

Obviously these small things matter, but then you will have to understand your partner’s feeling. If she is taking time in makeup, then obviously it is something which she is doing for you only. It was you only who complemented her in past for her dressing sense, makeup sense and glamorous look. On the other hand if you are leaving your wet bath towel on the desk, then obviously it is something which can annoy her.


So the very first thing which you required for building a healthy and loving relationship is developing the understanding. If you understand what she is doing, and if she understands what you are doing then obviously life won’t have any conflict.

What I normally suggest is when you decided to go ahead with a relationship, even before that you need to develop the understanding between the two. If you two people understand each other’s then obviously external pressures and stresses won’t buildup between you two.

See the Best 

Every person has something best and few things bad as well. Learn the very basic principle for the survival of any relationship and it is to ignore the bad and see the best in your partner and in your relationship.

It is very much true that we see more of what we look for, if we look for the kind heart of our partner, it will definitely hide some of the things which you felt bad about her.

The very basic thing is that how you think about your partner’s actions, intentions, words, feelings, etc. it will decide how you feel and interpret a situation in your relationship and truly help you to tackle it in a better way.

Have Fun in Your Relationship 

External pressures and stresses sometimes take out the fun factor from your love life. Well saying this is quite easier than really doing, but then I am implementing the same in my love life that I don’t bring the unnecessary tensions to my home, I kept the office tensions, financial tensions, etc. out of my home only. At home I try to have fun with my love only.

It is a well known fact that couple who engages themselves in enjoyable activities together in which they feel excited, they have greater relationship satisfaction.

It is also a well known fact that stress and tensions are there in everyone’s life, then why to allow them to spoil your love life. Let us keep them aside and have fun with your love.

Respect Your Partner 

If you want to gain respect, then you will have to respect others. A successful relationship is normally built on the terms like faith, understanding and respect only. Give full respect to your partner and see the difference in your love life.

It is quite usual that sometimes our partner is going through some bad moments, which are the time when you need to respect all their decisions. Let them understand that you care of their feelings and see the magic.

Build a Safe Environment 

It is your duty to develop a safe environment where you can trust and share whatever you feel about openly and without being afraid of anything. Hear the voice of your partner and don’t ever interrupt them too. Don’t fight for everything; learn the trick of fighting for fair things only.

Show Gratitude 

Who don’t like appreciation? I do love appreciations and always try to appreciate my partner for whatever she does.

You should learn the tricks of showing gratitude to your partner. Spend time saying “thank you” “love you” and letting your partner know that you care for them and how much you truly value them. Let them know that they had a very distinct place in your life.

I guess these were some of the tips which can help you to build a healthy and loving relationship, which will also have the strength. Before implementing any of these tips also learn to build a good relationship with you first. Try to love yourself first and then you will love all the efforts which your partner is giving on building relationship with you.

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Please do let me know your opinion about this blog post of mine. Please do share whatever you feel about love, relationship and how to build a healthy and loving relationship, etc. in the form of comment over here. I will be glad to hear your opinion.

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