How to Become a Successful Blogger?

So many times people ask me how to become a successful blogger? I guess there is no such recipe through which anyone can prepare successful bloggers, but I guess these tips might help you to become a successful and known blogger.

Read on this blog post of mine to know how to become a successful blogger?

Would you ever know who Alok Vats is, if I don’t have this blog? Although I am not claiming that I am a successful blogger, but if at least you know me then the credit must have been given to the blogging only.

So the most important thing to become a successful blogger is to start the blogging. Anyone can create blog with the free sites like, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. and those who have some money with them can invest the same on self hosted blogs well.

The basic thing is that you should share whatever you can. This is the ultimate principle of becoming a blogger. I know many people like me are introvert, who really find it difficult to express themselves in front of a few people. But then when it comes about writing, I usually don’t feel hesitate in writing whatever little knowledge I do have.

So I guess those who are a bit shy or introvert can also be able to write. These days there are no such boundaries for languages as well, you can even start a blog in Hindi as well if you find English a bit difficult like I do feel, but then if you want to establish yourself as a blogger globally then you should choose English as your preferred language.

How to Become a Successful Blogger?

How to Become a Successful Blogger?

How to Become a Successful Blogger? 

I guess I shared many tips on blogging, self improvement, SEO, etc. I suppose many people do like reading them as well. Honestly everyone has something to share; some expertise which they can easily tell to the world. The problem being the fact that if I am good into SEO and I selected Finances as my blogging topic. It will definitely be an issue.

Share What You Love 

As I said that the problem starts when you choose a genre in which you don’t have much expertise, or you don’t like to write about. Ask me to write on blogging and SEO I can write for around two three days continuously and without stopping for a break as well. This is something which is required in every blogger.

If you are having an expertise in a particular field, then focus on sharing it only, no need to look for someone else having an awesome blog on some other topic.

Write for Real Persons 

Actually speaking I am not against any form of writing, but then when it comes about blogging we should always write considering a real person in our mind. It actually helps us to empathies with our readers and helps us to establish a bond with our readers.

Did you ever realize, how difficult it is to talk to a person on a phone line if you don’t figure out who is at the other end, while you can easily go by flow when you are aware with whom you are talking with.

Similarly while writing if you are aware of your readers you can easily go with flow and write good articles. If you are firing with no aim or firing in dark, it is obvious that it will misfire.

Simple Language 

I don’t know if you find my language as simple or too complicated, but I always try to present things in a very simple way. I remember reading the blogs of one so called highly intellectual person, I was surprised to read it as many of the words were going above my head. I used to take out a dictionary to understand many words, but then I realize how difficult it is to understand complicated articles?

I don’t know why people prefer making things so complicated? Only because it seems a bit tempting to use complicated words in your blog? Believe me if you are writing blogs with complicated words, it will simply be liked by a few people only, but if you are using simple words every other person is going to love it.

This is the reason why Chetan Bhagat’s novels are being liked by many people out here in India.

Impressive Title 

As far as the SEO factor is concerned, Title plays a vital role in the popularity of your website, but then when it comes to make you a popular blogger, you just need to play with title cautiously, as it is the most important element of your blog.

Try to use primary keywords in your title as well. It will clearly give the hint to the readers at the very first instant that what they can expect from your blog.

Impressive Heading 

I guess I suggested it many a times in past. Headings are one of the most important aspects of any blog. It makes them easier to read and understand. It also helps you to structure your blog. You can also use your keywords as headings.

Believe me mostly people don’t read the entire blog, usually they do skim it. It is the headings only which can clear the blog to them.

Plus you can use header tags like H1, H2, etc. with headings, which will give another SEO plus point to your blog.

Images and Graphics 

You already know this secret that a picture is worth a thousand words; similar things apply on blogs as well. If you are good into creativity, you should apply the same with your blog posts as well. I know that I am not good into designing images; else I would have come up with so many images inside a blog post only.

With each point you can bring a graphics, picture, cartoon or anything which can make it interesting. Not only this, as you all know that these days social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ emphasizes more on pictures, and hence with creative pictures you can easily have more chance to get shared and viewed by many people.

I guess this were some of the tips which can help you to become a successful blogger, but then as we normally say for different people the definition of success is really different. As in my case I can consider myself as successful if my blogs are being able to influence at least 5-10 people only, and then there are people for whom this number can be more than thousands to impress them.

There are people who consider them successful when they found around thousands of the views of their blogs, while there are people like me who can be happy with a few hundred views as well.

The best thing which can define the success is your satisfaction. No matter how less things can satisfy you, that less count will only be able to make you successful in your own eye.

Did you like this blog post of mine or not? Please do let me know what you think about this blog post of mine. Am I repeating the same things again and again in my blog posts? Please do provide me an honest feedback about my blogs, if you are feeling bore to read these things again and again then you can also mention the same. I will try to improvise, or if you have some question for which you want a blog post to be written by me, please don’t hesitate in asking the same to me.

I will try to resolve it. I am awaiting your responses on all the above things.

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