10 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers!

Although I usually share so many tips for bloggers, but this time I planned to share 10 blogging tips which can be helpful for newbie bloggers to bloom as a quality blogger. Read on this blog post of mine on 10 blogging tips for newbie bloggers.

I have already shared many a times in the past that usually people consider blogging as the way to make money from home type of stuff, which it is but not exactly the same. It usually takes a long-long time to establish your blog as an authority site which can easily give you the option of earning through it, that too sitting at the comfort of your home.

Those who start a blog on the assumption of making money from it are actually doing it wrong. Soon they will have to face the reality and it might break their heart as well. This is the reason why I always suggest these things to my readers, so that if you are either starting a new blog, or just started a blog then you should not have any misconception about blogging.

It is not a surprise that many bloggers do quit blogging within the first 3 to 6 months of becoming blogger. Do you know the reasons why?

Well actually there are two main reasons behind all this, and those are:

1. Almost no traffic.

2. Almost no comments on their blog.

Traffic and comments on any blog is among the one of the prime motivational reasons for any blogger. When a blogger don’t get those as per their expectations their heart breaks from it and soon they start ignoring it. Obviously meanwhile they also don’t get any opportunity to earn from their blog too.

Though I have written a blog post on 10 common blogging mistakes to avoid by bloggers in the past, and hence I won’t discuss the mistakes over here, rather I would prefer giving my tips which can help you to establish yourself as a pro blogger in the world of blogging.

10 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers!

10 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers!

10 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers! 

So here are those blogging tips which I consider useful for newbie as well as already established bloggers:

Blog about What You Love 

The first tips which I can give to anyone is to blog about the things which you love. As you might have gone through my last blog post on the best SEO advice to any blog in which I mentioned that write for your readers, and it can only be possible if you have the passion to write on something. Unless you don’t love what you are doing, you won’t be able to stay passionate about it for long.

Let me tell you all the story of one of my friends, who started a finance blog with the help of mine. You will be surprised to know that within first 3 months of its being operational, she got some great offers from advertisers and start earning a really handsome amount too. Not usually new blogs has such earnings in that short of time, but then, soon I separate myself from that blog. And since that friend of mine was not having any interest in writing on topics related to debt, mortgage, etc. the blog died very soon.

Similarly one of my friends started a blog on mobile phone, though he was a bit passionate about it too, but soon lost his interest in writing blog. Actually his nature was that he starts any work, stay passionate about it for some days and then become bore from it. So soon that blog too died.

Normally I usually suggest anyone to write only unique content for your blog, it can also be made possible only if you are writing on topics which you love writing. Did you ever realized it really becomes hard for us to write on a topic which we are not familiar with, or don’t love to write. On the other hand we don’t need any help while writing on topics which we love.

I usually prefer liking on blogging tips, self improvement and DIY tips, and SEO tips. Out of these SEO being my profession and I love doing my work, so I do love writing on SEO topics, and as I am a blogger myself, I do love sharing blogging tips and hence I don’t have any issue in writing a blog post. As far as self improvement and DIY blogs are concerned, I do write on them just because I love reading on those topics, and while I read different ideas comes into my mind, which I can usually write down in the form of a blog.

If you don’t blog about the things which you love, readers will soon understand it and won’t return to your website.

Blog Unique and Great Content 

We know the importance of unique and great content in the perspective of search engine optimization, but honestly it is very much required for getting the love of your readers.

I do believe that on a single topic you can get at least thousands of blog or articles written in the world of web, after all what unique value are you offering to your readers, so that they can love reading your post?

This is the reason why you need to offer real value to your readers, and it can be possible only if you are writing unique and great content for them.

I always say that the same things can be expressed differently by different people. So if you really want to become a pro blogger, you need to develop your own unique way of writing things. It will help you to develop your own identity.

Though I know the fact that I am not a blogger who can write great content, but I can tell how you can do so? You can do so in the way so that it can generate good conversations, which can fire your readers to express their opinion about it. It can be possible only if you are pouring your heart in writing on a topic. Try to provide all the necessary information’s about a particular topic to your readers and see they will surely like it, after all no one loves reading something which has wrong information or half information. People will surely going to hate it.

Be Available for Your Readers 

I do know that for many of us blogging is a part time thing. Honestly for us it is a hobby which we do passionately. But then it should not be your excuse for your unavailability to your readers. Being a blogger you should always be available to your readers.

Remember, when you write something, it might be confusing for some of your readers, they might share their comments on your blog. But then what is the point if you ignored them?

Obviously no one in this world loves ignoring themselves. Why will your readers tolerate their ignorance? It is your duty to respond to each and every comment which you are getting on your blog. It might be possible that you can become late in responding to them, but then it should never be ignored completely.

To be very frank, to build a strong relationship with your readers is to blog about things which can help your readers. Honestly it is the prime motive of blogging as well.

If a blog owner does not show its willingness to respond to the comments or questions or confusions raised by their readers, no one can help them to establish as a successful blogger.

Respect Others 

Now this is a quality which is very much required for any blogger. Don’t ever try to abuse others on your blog or their own blog too. Give respect to others to get respect from them.

Don’t try to spam other blogs; it is harmful for your own blog. Respect the opinions of others; give proper value to them on your blog. Always understand the fact that you might not be getting so many visitors at the moment, but if you fail to give value to the limited number of visitors which you are getting at the moment, you will never succeed to get any more visitors in near future as well.

Give fair opportunities to each and every readers of your blog to interact with them, and it can only be possible if you respond to each and every comment or questions asked by your readers. No matters if it is being asked on your blog or on any other social media presence of your blog.

Make your readers feel good about you and see how soon you will establish yourself as a pro blogger.

Update Blog Regularly 

If you are not updating a blog from so long, you are actually harming your own blog only. People should know that you are posting new content on your blog on a regular interval, so that they can look for your blog after that particular time. As you all know that I usually blog daily basis on this blog, but while on my other blog Tech Acid, I do update it on a monthly basis only. Though updating a blog in a gap of a month is also not good, this approach will never help your blog to gain loyal readers.

So if you really want to build a strong and loyal relationship with your readers, do update your blog on a regular basis.

Set Up Small Goals 

Instead of dreaming big about the returns from your blog, it is better to set up small-small goals for your blog. Try to achieve them one by one and see you will be happy from the growth of your blog.

Don’t assume that within a week of time of launching your blog you will start getting thousands of visitors, honestly you can set a target of getting around 100 visitors within a month of the launching of your blog. Try to first achieve the target and then set bigger targets. This way you will stay passionate about your blogging as well.

Money is Not Everything 

I guess this is the best tips which I can give to anyone, no matter if the person is a blogger or not, but money is not everything my dear friend. There are so many other things we have in our life.

Money should not be your main target if you are planning to launch a blog. Money will come obviously to you soon or later, but before that you need to establish yourself as a good blogger. And you can do it with the help of your blog only.

No matter if you are not making any money from your blog, your passion towards sharing useful content should not die. Flourish it, and see your readers will surely help you to do so. Get the respect and support from your readers and see soon it will become the motivating factor of your life.

Let me tell you one thing, the positive comments which I receive over here inspire me to do good things on my personal life as well.

Be a Learner 

If you don’t have this quality you will fail in every field of your life. You need to learn new things on a daily basis. Honestly after spending 10 years in the field of SEO, I can say I might have around 4-5% knowledge of it, while I am blogging since last 6 years, but still I can say that I am not having more than 2% knowledge of what blogging is?

Life is a course in which we are going to learn new things on a daily basis. Similarly if you want to be a pro blogger, make the habit of learning on a regular basis. Do read as much as possible (check 10 benefits of reading as well), do read the blogs written by others on similar topics, do read newspapers, magazines, etc. and try to learn new things about everything’s.

This approach will surely make you successful.

Don’t Hurry for Ads 

I have seen this tendency of hurry in bloggers lately. I have seen many bloggers who always remain in hurry in getting the approval of Google Adsense.

Not only that but those bloggers remain in hurry in getting any advertiser. They can even review anything to get some money on their blog. This approach is ideally wrong. You should have this nature of building the quality of your blog.

Ads and Adsense approval will come later. Honestly Google these days don’t even prefer new blogs for it. So I would never suggest anyone to apply for it once before their blog don’t have plenty of content and traffic.

As far as accepting any offer which is coming to your blog is concerned, always remember that it is your blog, you can do whatever you want to do on it, but then you should understand that it should serve the purpose for which it was being created. Obviously a review of a new phone on a blog which is discussing about social media related issues is not at all look good and your readers will also don’t like it.

But then yes if you do have so many content on your site then you can decide about creating a new category for it and can share some random posts from that category, but then it will surely be a thing once you complete around an year in the world of blogging.

Review Your Own Blog 

The last blogging tips which I can give to any blogger is to review their own blog. It is something which I too normally don’t follow, but since I know that not doing this is harmful for the reputation of your blog, and hence I can suggest it to everyone else.

When you review your blog, either before publishing it, or after publishing it, you might encounter with some spelling mistakes or some other types of mistakes which might change the meaning of the post. So after reviewing it you can easily rectify it.

So these were the top 10 blogging tips which I can suggest to any newbie bloggers, hope you will find it interesting and useful. Though other than these I will also suggest you to prompt your users to share their opinion about your blog, like I always ask for your comments on my blog post.

I hope you all will definitely share your opinion about this blog post of mine. Please do share whatever you all feel about it, anything which I missed, or anything which I have written which is a mistake, or any other suggestion about things related with this blog post.

I will be waiting for your opinion about this blog post of mine.

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