The Best SEO Advice to Any Blog!

Being a blogger, many newbie blogger asks me for advices. And since I am an SEO, most of them ask for an SEO advice which they can implement on their blog. Do you know the best SEO advice which I can give to anyone for any blog? Read on this blog for the same.

I usually don’t write blogs in this way in which I am going to write this blog post. You all are familiar with my writing style, and I am sure for a change you will like this blog post as well.

I am sure you all are aware about SEO or search engine optimization. Even if you don’t know all the technologies or terminologies relevant to it, which even I don’t know as well, then at least you have some idea about how it being done. I am sure you all are now aware that it is the way how you present your content, while those who are aware about SEO since long will be aware that earlier it was a link building process but now it is a content building and display process.

Honestly if you analyze the recent growth in SEO you will understand it the basic approach towards SEO has changed. Now a day’s search engines like Google emphasize on websites which offers help to their readers, and solve their concerns. Everything now has changed into how helpful a website is for its visitors.

Being said that I believe that this is true for any website, but then what about blogs?

Blogs are not like any other website offering some products, or services to its visitors, then how can I define SEO for them?

Well honestly, nothing is changed for blogs as well. Be it an individual blog or a blog in a business website, SEO for blogs has really transformed.

The best SEO advice which I can give to any blog is that you should blog about the issues which your reader base likes, and nothing else.

The Best SEO Advice to Any Blog!

The Best SEO Advice to Any Blog!

Writing for Your Readers! 

To be very frank the success of a blog depends on number of loyal readers or subscribers it has. If you ask me I cannot judge the success of any blogs depending on how may visits it is getting daily, but I do believe that a blog is successful only if it has higher number of returning visitors. Visitors who one reached to your blog and then either subscribed to it or bookmarked it somewhere and then visit it again and again to read what you are sharing is the real success of your blog.

I doubt that any one of you will say me wrong for this?

Importance of Target Audience 

Many of us don’t really understand the importance of our own target audience. Let me explain you it in this way:

You know that I am going to your home for a dinner let’s say along with my wife and daughter. What will you do? You will prepare dinner as per our choices or as per your neighbor likes and dislikes?

Obviously when you know that my family is coming to your home for a dinner, you will prefer to prepare dishes based on our choices.

Now consider the after affects. We visited your home and have the dinner of the items which we like too much or which we liked after eating, so we will surely let others know about it. On the other hand if we came to eat something which we don’t even like, what will be our reaction?

Obviously we might not say negative things about you, but yes we will definitely not prefer to have dinner at your place again in future.

Consider the same for your blog, and you will understand for this example that if you are preparing blogs for your readers you will definitely get good feedbacks, and thus Google is bound to give more value to your blogs. On the other hand if you are not at all aware about who is your target base, how will you prepare the blogs for them?

Obviously there is no point in firing in the dark; it can hit anyone, but not the one whom you are targeting.

So while blogging you should target your audience’s needs first and then you need to prepare the strategy to feed them with the content which fulfills their needs. Once it is satisfied search engines will automatically have to give value to your blog, thus help you to attract more visitors to your blogs.

Importance of Engaging Content 

People talk about search engine optimized content, or SEO copyright, etc. but I think any content is search engine friendly if it is engaging your readers. You must be aware of the fact that in SEO Google is giving more value to the bounce rate of your website, in case of blogs if your bounce rate is too high it is obvious to them that your content is not having the quality to engage your own reader base.

Thus, being a blogger you should have the ability to engage your readers for gaining the love from search engines. Write blogs which can truly force them to either comment on your blog posts, or let them engage with some other relevant blog posts of your website, and not only this, but force them to either subscribe to your blog or bookmark it, so that they can visit your blog again and again.

How to Find Content Ideas? 

Being said all those things; you might ask me how can I decide about what content is required for my readers?

How can I find content ideas which can suit my visitors?

Well, now this is something which I can say is the biggest challenge for you as a blogger. You are the one who should understand it properly. But then there are some other ways too through which you can get some idea about the needs of your readers.

Note text

Through Comments

Closely monitor the comments made by your readers, especially of your regular readers, and try to provide them the information which they are looking for.

If you have noticed then you must have seen that I do blog based on the comments made by some of my readers, and all those posts were being very much liked by those readers of mine. I am sure you must have gone through the blog on how to do comments on blogs which was the outcome of the request of one of my blogger friend and regular reader Vinay, who commented on some previous blogs of mine about this.

Similarly the post on how to get Google Authorship and many more blogs of mine were derived from the comments of the readers of my blogs only.

No matter if the reader of your blog is commenting on your blog or replying to your comments on their blog, but if they are seeking some information from you then you can plan your coming blogs accordingly and publish them.

Through Social Media 

Social media presence is really essential now a day for every blogs, and I am sure you all must have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Try to expand the reach of your blog posts through these social media sites and you can easily analyze the comments being made by people on your blog posts on those sites.

Through Blogging Communities 

You can easily get an idea about new blog posts through participating in blogging communities like IndiBlogger, Blog Adda, etc.

These are some of the blogging communities which can even provide you some good and loyal readers of your blog as well. Most of my regular visitors are from IndiBlogger only.

Through Paid Ads 

Am I hearing it right?

I guess it is the reaction of you people, but don’t worry I am not going to say you to post paid ads for your blog, but what I am saying over here is to go through different paid ads and you can analyze what exactly is the things people are looking for these days.

Analyzing different paid ads you can really get some great ideas for your new blog posts.

If you can be able to satisfy your own visitors I don’t think that anything better than this can happen to your blog. Simply speaking writing for your own audiences is the best SEO advice which I can give to anyone in this world, especially for blogs.

As per major search engines, prepare the content of your website as per the needs of your audience and I guess it is very much true for your blogs as well. Please do let me know your opinion or feedback or comments about this blog post of mine. I am sure you must have liked this new way of presenting things, but then I am just writing it for this blog only. From tomorrow onwards I will be writing blogs in the same way as I was doing till yesterday.

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