How to Approach a Woman?

There are some fortunate people out here for whom this is the most easiest task, but guys who are a bit shy in nature will face lots of difficulties in approaching a woman. Read on this blog on how to approach a woman?

Honestly if you are a shy guy and especially if you have the school education in a boy’s school, it is really hard for you to approach a woman. Although my school was co-ed one, but still I was too hesitate against approaching any girl or woman. It was really tough for me to talk to any girl, but then during my college life juniors and batch mates considered me as an attractive guy among girls.

It is also true that even today I hesitate a bit in approaching any woman, but then it is not like that I cannot talk any or approach any woman.

The idea of this blog came into my mind while I was traveling in Metro. One fine evening while I was returning from my office, I realized there are some guys who always look toward any woman or girl to talk to them. But, alas, they don’t have the courage to do so.

While on the other hand there are guys who don’t feel any hesitation in talking to any strange girl or woman. Obviously I myself fall into the first category only, so I thought why not let’s write a blog on it.

I am sure the female readers of my blog will definitely love this blog and would also suggest some ideas about it too.

How to Approach a Woman?

How to Approach a Woman?

How to Approach a Woman? 

So all those who wanted to approach any woman, but don’t get the required courage should go through this post. You can easily see many girls or woman out here; you can definitely get near her as well. But then you might not be sure of what to say to start the conversation.

Beginning of the conversation is really crucial while approaching women. Here are some steps to approach a woman:

Observation of Women before Approaching her 

It is always a good idea to observe the reactions, like, dislikes of a girl before finally approaching her. Undoubtedly you can easily start a conversation with her, but then you should be careful that there should not be anything’s which can ruin your budding relationship.

Observing a girl and following a girl is entirely different things. Make sure that you are not following her, rather you should observe some things which can give you an idea about how you should and should not talk to her.

Start the Conversation 

As I already said that the beginning of the conversation is really crucial so always try to start the conversation. Don’t hesitate in asking for something, if you are having difficulties in starting the conversation. In most of the cases women prefer helping others, and hence you will start the conversation.

I know saying it is quite difficult than performing it, but then you should understand if you go near to a girl, almost every day and follows her too, but then you don’t talk to her, what will she thought about you? Obviously it will be a weird situation for her, and she might be scared of you too that you are following her.

So don’t give this chance to any women. Let’s approach them for anything which you want. You can simply start the conversation with a simple hi too. Else you can also ask some ways for any address or you can also borrow her pen for writing something and then thanks her easily.

You can also talk about something which is happening around you. Many a times if you are traveling and some unnecessary and unusual delay is happening, it might help you to start a conversation with a girl. You can be straight forward so that she cannot take it as a way to approach her.


Now this is something for which I always feel myself lucky. When you don’t have the courage to start a conversation with women, always understand that it is your smile or smiling face only which can attract them towards you.

No matter if you are talking to a woman, or still trying to approach her, a smile can be the best supportive tool for yourself. Your smile will give the positive signal to the girl.

Complement Her 

You know what the best thing to attract a girl is to complement her. It is a fact that you can easily be able to approach a girl with this tool, but then always remember that it should not be implemented at the beginning only. First let’s have a chit-chat, and then complement for something. Always remember that you should never make any weird complement to a girl.

Complement can be given for anything, but the best results can be received for things like her shoes, dresses, Jewelry, accessories, or her style, etc.

Don’t Try to Impress 

Now there are guys out here who once get a chance to interact a girl start trying to impress her. Always understand that there might be a few girls out here who will become happy with your attempts to impress her, but mostly girls don’t like it. They always have a sixth sense which guides them to understand if a guy is trying to impress her.

Instead of trying to impress a girl with unnecessary bluffs, try to be yourself. It is my own experience also those girls prefer to talk to a real guy only. When I say a real guy it simply means guys who don’t try to impress girls. Who always remain what they are.

Never Try to Abuse 

Abusing a girl is the worst sin in my opinion. No matter if a girl is not giving you much value, but it really does not means that you have the right to abuse her. So while approaching a woman always do take care of the things like you should never look rude to her, or you should never try to abuse her.

Your attempt of approaching a woman will destroy then and there when you tried abusing her.

Change Your Look and Smell 

See, it is the self confidence of yours, which can help you to approach a woman. This confidence can be earned with a change in how you look and how do you smell. Always remember that if your look and smell are good you can easily approach a woman.

Try to change the look of yours and apply some perfume or deodorant before approaching a woman.

Although I am sure that these things will not definitely make you an attractive or women magnet, but yes it will surely help you gain the required confidence to talk to a woman.

Chose Your Words Wisely 

Believe me if you are not at all careful about your words selection, you will be in real problem. Women always feel good to talk to a wise man. If they realize that you are a foolish, they won’t delay in slapping you too.

Jokes apart, but it is true that girls don’t like people who don’t think before saying anything.

Let Her Feel Special 

Now this is something which I always believe on. You cannot be able to win the heart of any girl or woman unless you won’t realize her that she is special for you.

If you don’t act like she is special to her, she won’t be interested in talking to you any further.

Now this act should be clear to her with your behavior only. Don’t try to impress her with a false approach that you are special to me.

Always be Nice to Her Friends/Relatives 

Not only from your behavior, but as well from the inside of your heart, you should be nice to her friends or relatives whoever is with her. When you want to approach a girl but ignore the person who is with her, it can simply make you a villain in her eyes.

Always remember that it is not at all a good idea to be intimidated by a girl who is out with her friends. Not only her friends, but the girl herself will be uncomfortable about it.

Casual Flirt 

Well honestly I do believe that if a girl is good looking, I am sure there must be so many guys like you who have already told her this.

There are undoubtedly many guys that flirt with her. If by chance the girl is having a quite beautiful look and a sexy figure, then obviously there are so many guys out here who already have approached her, and tried her feeling special. So how will you succeed in approaching her?

Honestly you need to be a different one from those. You already know that others might flirt with her, so there is no points in you too start flirting with her. It will drop your value. You can have a bit of casual flirting, but then your focus should be towards talking about something interesting to her. It will make her happy to talk to you and she will again wait for the occasion to talk to you in future too.

Be Social 

I have seen this thing, one girl is talking to a particular person, and it simply doesn’t mean that there is no world beside her for that particular person. If you are ignoring the world around her just because she is interested in talking to you, it simply means you are not at all social, and give values to other.

So always talk to everyone around you and have fun, else you won’t get the women whom you are looking for.

I guess I have shared all the points which I considered you should know before approaching a woman. But the main thing is that you should be humble, genuine, and sincere to her to get her. Don’t afraid or worried so much, simply have the courage and start talking to a girl or woman.

I guess if I have missed something, or I don’t know anything then please do suggest me those in the form of comments. I will definitely wait for your comments on this.

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