How to Protect Yourself from Dehydration?

It is summer time out here in Delhi and India. There are high chances that your body might lose the entire water intake and you might be suffered due to dehydration. Read on this blog post of mine on how to protect yourself from dehydration.

It is since last few days out here in Delhi, when we are suffering from a very hot and humid weather and there are chances that it will last for a longer duration too.

Although a little bit of rain during last weekend’s gave some relief from heat strokes, but then it also increased the humidity badly. If you need to go out for some work these days, you will start sweating a lot, which can decrease the water level of your body and as per experts it is a real dangerous situation for your body.

You might be attacked by dehydration.

What is Dehydration? 

Dehydration is a stage in which body suffers excessive loss of body fluids, thus body needs extra fluid to maintain itself.

During summers it can be problematic for those who need to work outside and travel a lot. If you are sitting in an air-conditioned room, then you might need to face this, but then if you go out for some reasons and lost excessive water from your body, you might also be affected by dehydration.

How to Protect Yourself from Dehydration? Weather Forecast Delhi

How to Protect Yourself from Dehydration? Weather Forecast Delhi

How to Protect Yourself from Dehydration? 

The best way to protect your body from dehydration is to drink as much water as possible, but then during summer time you might also get distracted from drinking water. So how can we protect ourselves from the issue called dehydration?

Here are the ways:

Drink Water 

As I said above that you can protect yourself from being dehydrated with the help of drinking water. Whenever you are going out, please do keep a bottle of water with yourself. You can also use insulated bottles which can keep water a bit cold even if you go to direct sunlight. You know what, when normal water becomes hot due to sunlight, it becomes hard to drink and this can be avoided with the help of those insulated water bottles.

You should try to drink at least 6-7 glass of water daily, but then the water requirement of every human beings differ.

Avoid Rich or Heavy Food 

This is the time of the year when you need to avoid rich, spicy and heavy foods. These foods might cause gesticulation issues and might also cause chest burning issue, which is actually too irritating.

These spicy foods not only increase the body temperature but also decrease the liquid intakes of our body. So if you really want to protect yourself from dehydration then do avoid spicy and hot foods for the time being.

Avoid Non-vegetarian Food Items 

As I said that spicy foods are not good during the season, similar is the situation with non-vegetarian items. They might also cause different issues similar to chest burning, etc. in your body.

Thus it is advisable that you should ignore eating so much non-vegetarian items during summers.

Try to Eat Potassium Rich Foods 

Due to dehydration your body might lost these two things, one is water, which is known to almost everyone, and second is electrolytes, which we need to re-fulfill in our body so that it might not make yourself weak.

You can compensate for those electrolytes loss with the help of some potassium rich foods like bananas, or pineapples, or mangoes, etc.

Drink Coconut Water / Sugarcane Juice / Buttermilk 

Although drinking cold-drinks and soft-drinks like cola, etc. might give you a bit of energy, but then there are so many other health drawbacks of those drinks.

What I can suggest you all is to drink the local drinks like coconut water, sugarcane juice, buttermilk, etc. it can not only make you fresh, but it will also compensate for the electrolyte lost due to dehydration. Plus these drinks don’t have any side effects as well.

Try not to Wear Tight Dress 

Tight dresses prevent your body from the external coldness and hence it is always advisable to wear tight dresses during winters and lose dresses during summers.

You can also avoid wearing black color dresses. Try to wear light colored dresses.

Avoid Drinking Infected Water 

Try to drink pure water only. Infected water might infect your intestines and cause bigger problems for you. So try to drink water either purified by RO systems, or filters.

Drinking poor quality water might causes the issues like vomiting, and stomach upsets as well.

Symptoms of Dehydration! 

If you don’t want to suffer your body due to dehydration then you must need to take care of the signals which your body will indicate to you. It is really vital to listen to your body during summers.

There are some symptoms which might signal you that something is wrong inside your body and you should take care of your own body immediately. It includes but not limited to complaints of excessive thirst, dry mouth, sleepiness, laziness, decreases urination, muscle weaknesses, continuous headaches, fatigue, dizziness, etc.

How to Avoid Dehydration?

Ideally speaking the best way to avoid dehydration is to avoid any contact with direct sunlight, which is practically speaking a bit difficult for everyone. Hence you can use sunglasses, or cotton cloth to cover yourself whenever you go out.

Try to drink as much water as possible, and also make sure that kids and children at your home and elderly people should also drink as much water as possible. My one and half year old daughter has this tendency of drinking water, whenever we take a bottle, she start shouting “Paani-Paani” and we need to give it to her. :)

Here are some highly recommended food items which you might prefer during summers:

  • Coconut Water
  • Buttermilk
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Carrots
  • Yogurt
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Sugarcane Juice
  • Pure Water

Do let me know if you know any other things which I might have missed over here or I was not aware of. Please do share your opinion, feedback and other suggestions about this blog post in the form of comment.

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