How to Do Comments on Blogs!

Although there is no such guidelines for posting comments are available, but still there are some untold rules which are needed to follow while doing the blog commenting. Here is my post on how to do comments on blogs?

Why am I writing on this topic?

I am sure many of my readers are right now thinking the same. Does it seem like I don’t like people commenting on my site?

The response is an absolute NO. To be very frank, like every other blogger, I too love getting so many comments on my blogs. After all it is the comments only which indicates that people are appreciating your efforts and how popular you are among your readers.

So there is no point in saying that I don’t like comments posting on my website. If I do had that type of intention I would have blocked the comments option from my dashboard only.

Then why did I choose this topic to write upon?

Those who did read my last blog post on how to get Google authorship and if you had the chance to go through the comments then you must have gone through the comments posted by one of my blogger friend Vinay Nagaraju, in which he did asked me to write on this topic. Before that too, a few months back Payal Pandya, one of my blogger friend too asked me about the same and I did responded her in a private mail, though I thought to write a blog on the same, but then I did forget this.

The basic thing is that we bloggers do love comments, no doubt it takes time to write comment on anyone’s blog and we do appreciate the feelings, time and efforts inputted by the person who is commenting on our site. But sometimes, some comments really do frustrate us as well.

Although as I mentioned above only that there are no as such rulebook available for blog commenting, but then there are some small-small things following which can make you even more popular among blogs which you love.

How to Do Comments on Blogs!

How to Do Comments on Blogs!

How to Do Comments on Blogs! 

And here are those points which anyone should remember while posting comments on other blogs:

Please Use Your Own & Real Name 

This is something which usually irritates bloggers. My name is Alok Vats and when I will comment on some other blogs, why should I use names like I News India? To be very frank this is the most common mistakes made by many bloggers while commenting on other blogs.

Ideally Google did penalized many of the websites in recent past for this particular reason only. Blog commenting was the simplest way to build links for your website, but then you should make it a genuine one, not a cheap one or one which will be considered as a spam by search engines.

Though you can argue that the way a search engine looks can be different than what a normal person will. Agreed, but then a genuine reader will also not like the fact that you are using the name of your blog or services or keywords in the Name field of your comments on some site.

So it is always better to use your real name in comments which you make.

Please Use Your Own Picture 

The next thing which can irritate any bloggers is that you are not using your own picture in comments which you are making. These days many blogging platforms provide the display of your profile picture with your comment.

With the help of the sites like (check my pic over here you can also assign some pictures of yours to your email id. This way if you comment on some blogs, your associated picture might be displayed on those blogs.

So obviously you too will support that it is always frustrating to see the picture of a super star instead of the person who is commenting on your blog. So I would request every commenter’s to use some genuine pictures of them to develop their authority.

Try to Post Genuine Comments 

Usually it is human tendency that we do love hearing complements, but at times it seems hard to respond to complements like “nice post”, “great work”, “good blog post” types of comments.

When you have decided to share comments, then you need to be genuine enough while sharing a comment. Try to read the post carefully and share your opinion based on the discussion which is happening on the blog post. It is always advisable that please stay on topic while posting comments and it should look genuine to anyone.

Just to mark your attendance sharing anything in the form of comments is not a good idea.

Use Links Carefully 

Undoubtedly comments are so popular among internet marketers as well as among common people too, just because it gives an option of sharing your own link with it.

Now as I said that a blog commenter should always stay on topic, this is the reason why your links will establish your own links authority. If you do post comments which are out of the topic and your link is associated with them then it will establish the bad image of your website in the world of net.

Try not to give a link to your website if you are sharing a few words comment like I mentioned in the above point. Either on link / website URL field of the comment or in the form of signature as well. Those poor comments will kill the scope of getting the love from search engines to your website.

Now you can simply argue that putting a link in comments is quite easy and any third party might give a link to our website from such comment. What can we do in this case? Do search engines also penalize our website for this comment made by someone else?

Ideally speaking yes, search engines might penalize your website for these things. And to be very frank, every link to your website is actually your own responsibility and you need to monitor them carefully. Don’t panic about these situations. Simply use the Google Disavow Tools for this. Try to monitor every links which are pointing towards your website and disavow every links which are susceptible and not created by you or your team or SEO assigned by you.

Also be careful if the SEO assigned by you is doing those spammy ways to create links for your website.

This is the reason why I always emphasize on choosing a well knowledgeable guy like me ;) as an SEO of your website.

Don’t Use Offensive Language 

One of the things which really irritate any blogger is to get a comment with an offensive language against him/her.

Thus it is advisable to a person who is commenting on someone’s blog that you should not use any offensive matter, or any personal attacks, or some unacceptable comments against any other person.

To be very frank I and my website I News India landed into trouble because of this only, someone used an offensive language against a renowned person on a particular blog post of mine and that time I was a newbie only hence approved the comment as I thought it is a personal opinion. Ultimately it landed us to legal procedures and then I realized the importance of approving comments without taking care of the language of the comment.

Don’t Promote Your Own Work 

Ideally in your comment you should not use any self-serving, or promotion of your own sites, services or products. If you are giving a link in the reference of something, please make sure that it should be relevant to the original posts.

You can refer some of your works in the comments, but then you should understand what things are referring on what post. At the end your comment should look genuine, not a spam.

Original Comment 

I have seen this tendency of some bloggers who try to copy paste comments from some other blog posts or websites content. To be very frank this is not at all a good thing to do. Like you did create original blog posts on your own website, you should also take blog commenting as a serious thing.

Though you can refer a particular line or paragraph from the same blog post on which you are commenting, this is quite natural but then you should not use a piece of content written by someone else as a piece of content written by you.

I guess these were the all which are coming inside my mind at the moment about blog commenting. I am sure those who want to do it genuinely will be following all these tips. As far as submitting small comments like “nice post”, etc. is concerned, it is also not bad if you are not sharing your link with these comments.

Here are some more pieces of advices:

You need some visitors then you can get through commenting on other sites, but then placing your link on other poor quality sites is also harmful for your own website.

Allowing poor quality comments on your own website is also bad for your own site.

Let me explain this in this way: you are visiting my posts and liking them and then sharing authentic comments, it is a good way to get back links and developing authority of your own website.

But then if you went to a blog which has poor quality blog post and you simply says, wow, good post, or something similar to this, then these types of comment are bad for both, your website and other site also in which you posted comment. In this case you can do one thing share your comment but not the URL.

Post comments on other sites (no matter how many words are you using) as well but leave the URL of your own site only on good posts or blogs.

Please do share your opinion about this blog post of mine. If you are also thinking about some topic on which I can write about, of this nature then please don’t hesitate in sharing the same with us in the form of comments. Also do share your opinion about this blog post of mine.

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