How to Be Successful in IndiBlogger?

Friends as you all know that I am an active member of some blogging communities like IndiBlogger and BlogAdda, though I am not that much active on BlogAdda, but then I truly love spending time on IndiBlogger. You all know how much we (me and my wife as well) enjoys the IndiBlogger meets, and as I mentioned in many posts of mine that it truly gives a pleasure to be the part of such a nice blogging community.

Those who are active on IndiBlogger must have seen some of my blog posts on the home page of the site. Many newbie bloggers who joins IndiBlogger has a desire of getting that famous badge of Top Post on IndiBlogger. Even when I joined IndiBlogger, for some good time I was not sure about how people are getting this badge.

Then when I came through the concept of IndiVine, then I realized how important it is to have friends or network on that site to reach to the top.

How to Get Successful in IndiBlogger?

How to Be Successful in IndiBlogger?

 How to Be Successful in IndiBlogger?

How can I get success in blogging communities like IndiBlogger?

I guess, many bloggers has this question whenever they join any blogging communities like IndiBlogger, Blog Adda, etc.

Basically I am an active member at IndiBlogger, and many other bloggers says me that I am a powerful blogger over there (OMG I am feeling a bit proud of myself, but please don’t call me proudy), and hence decided to write a blog post to guide others so that they can also become successful there.

It is a fact that all these blogging communities runs on a principle of sharing, and voting. You can share your own blog post with other bloggers and you can also vote for other blogger’s contribution. The basic concept behind all these blogging communities’ sites is to build a community of bloggers who can check your blogs and support them.

Today only I went through one blog of one of my IndiBlogger friends Roohi Bhatnagar, Thank You IndiBlogger, and I found that she has exactly the same thoughts as of mine about IB. Although by the grace of God, my blog’s traffic was quite good before I start participating in IndiVine, but then true satisfaction of blogging can only be felt when like minded people will read your blog and share their opinion with you. And these feelings came only after I started participating in IndiVine of IB.

 How IndiVine Works?

So first let me guide you how IndiVine program of IndiBlogger works:

IndiBlogger is a place basically for Indian bloggers, who can have a blog. It is not a place through which you can blog like sites like wordpress and blogger but it is a place where you can share your blog and encourage others.

IndiVine is a program of IndiBlogger through which any blogger can submit their blog posts (mind it only their own blog posts) under proper category and can participate in the blogging community there, can vote other bloggers post and can also report irrelevant blog posts and thus can also participate in some of the drives being run by IB team.

Saying all this is quite simple. But in fact doing this is also quite simple than saying. You can yourself experience this quite easily.

But then it is not like that simple to reach to the home page of the IndiBlogger. You simply need to get so many votes that your post can reach to the top 9 posts of the day. Please mind the time frame associated with it, you only have 24 hours after submitting your posts to reach to the top 9. Although you can reach to the top 10 slot and you can reach to the home page too, but then you won’t get the badge for it.

 How to Get the Badge of Tops Post on IndiBlogger?

You all know that nothing is impossible in this world. To get the badge you must need to reach to the top 9 posts over there, and here are the ways to do the same:

 Gain Some Star

Before you start thinking about getting the desired success over there, first thing which you need is to target to get the IndiRank of around 40+ over there, this way your blog will get some star value on IndiVine.

Now you might ask me what are the differences of having a star value or not?

To be very frank, there are chances that people with 40+ stars or IndiRank over there will get 2 votes count of one vote, while the same is not true for those who have either fewer stars or having no star.

So in case of my blog having no star or fewer stars will have to get around 30 votes from 30 bloggers to ever reach to the top 9. On the other hand if my blog is having 75 star value, then I will have to get the same 30 votes but I can get those from only around 16-18 bloggers voting for my post.

Is not that sounds good? Yes it is that simple.

But to get IndiRank is not that much easier. You need to be regular on your own blog, you need to get good Alexa Rank on your blog, you need to get good MozRank of your blog and then with some other criteria’s like your blogs feed, etc. IndiBlogger will assign a rank to your site.

 Share Only a Single Post Daily

So you had the star now and you are now ready to share your blog posts there, but then it simply does not means that you should start sharing all your blog posts daily. I have seen many people out there who use to share more than 2-3 posts and that too without taking much time.

My suggestions to every bloggers are that you should share only one blog posts from your blog on daily basis at IB. If you want to share more than one blog posts then my suggestions will be either you should share your second blog posts when your post reach to the top 10 or give some gap in between the two posts.

It is like you can maintain a gap of around 12 hours if you want to post two blog posts.

The reason why I am saying this to you all is that if you share more than one blog posts of yours; other bloggers will prefer to check only one out of them. It will be rare that your second or third post will get some attention.

 Creating Network

IndiBlogger is a community website, and these websites are simply successful only because users over there get a fair chance to develop network of friends and interact with them.

If you really want to be successful over here with your blog posts, you must need to develop a network of powerful and good people from there. Just telling you how you can do so?

Go through the posts which are coming on top, and check the profile of the person who is the owner of those blog, there are high chances that when you add them in your network you will get the positive response from them also.

Do interact with them with the help of IndiMail or through twitter and personalize your relationship with that blogger. This is one of the basic needs of developing a good network over there.

 Helping People from Your Network

Once you have a network of some good and active people over there, the second most important thing is to help people from your network to reach to the top.

You might say me that these ways are not we increase the votes of our own competitors?

Believe me to get something you will have to give a lot to others. And this is the principle of nature in our real life as well.

One thing which you can clearly understand after seeing the top posts of IB, those who are continuously reaching there on top are those who are one of the top voters over there. They won’t ever miss any blog posts to check from their network. Did you ever found any bloggers blog on home page who never votes for any other bloggers post?

I don’t found any of that type. With the help of some good followers they might be able to get some votes, but those votes will not be that much which can even bring them to the top of the IndiBlogger.

So ideally if you want to get 1 votes for your post, you should vote for around 5-8 bloggers post. Try to check all the posts of your friends, I mean those who are into your network.

Be sure of the quality of the people whom you are adding into your network. Don’t add those who use to post crappy posts over there.

 Helping Other IndiBloggers

You already had a good network over there, and you start getting so many votes for your posts, but it simply doesn’t means that you should sit idle now. You need to go through new posts as well and try to get some quality posts from there. Do vote for them and try to include those bloggers into your network.

This way your network will start increasing day by day. And good quality bloggers are coming on your networks, which will then boost your own posts.

 Timing Matters

The last but not the least tips of mine are related to timing. As you know how important the role of timing in any sports is, be it cricket or football or badminton as well.

Similarly timing of your submission plays a crucial role over here. You cannot get success if you are not getting around 15-20 votes within 10 hours of your submission. It simply means that you need to be sure while submitting your posts that around 20 bloggers will either active that time, or will be active within next few hours.

This you can judge by seeing the trends of the submissions of your friends (I mean people from your network). You can be sure within a few days that this particular time slot is the one in which most of my friends remain online.

Second thing you can realize this that there are some times of the day when a submission can even reach to the home page with only 20 votes, while there are times when it will not even reach there with 40 votes too. It all depends on competition.

So you just need to identify that particular time when competition is less and your post can reach to the top.

I guess these many tips are quite fair enough for your blog post to reach to the top of the IndiVine and IndiBlogger. Though it might be possible that I might be missing some points or something important, if you know any of them same, you can share them in the form of comments and this way my readers will be able to know those too.

And yes, there is one more very basic and most important things which many people miss, is of not having a profile picture over there. Mind it that they take it from your account, so please don’t let it be blank or irrelevant. Submit your own pictures on accounts of yours and see the magic.

Please don’t hesitate in sharing your thoughts on this blog post of mine. I will waiting for your comments.

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