How to Attract a Woman!

There are some people who are like a magnet. Every other girl or woman seems attracted towards them. Attracting women is also an art. Read on this blog to know how to attract a woman?

Don’t you too think “why don’t you get the woman or girl which you like”?

To be very frank no matter how handsome you are, or how hot you look, still there are chances that woman are not attracted towards you.

Did you ever analyze why?

Don’t you ever think what things are you lacking inside?

Read on this blog post of mine to understand the things which normally a guy lacks behind, and how you too can attract a woman.

How to Attract a Woman!

How to Attract a Woman!

How to Attract a Woman! 

Here are a few tips which can convert you into a magnet when it comes to attract women towards you:


Being a guy (an experienced guy you can say) I can really say that one of the thing which normally guys lack is the confidence.

To be very honest girls like confident people.

They can easily get attracted towards confident guys.

Being confident is the top most secret behind attracting girls. You need to be confident, and you should feel confident about yourself. No matter how you look, no matter how much you earn, no matter how wealthy you are, no matter how handsome or ugly looking you are, everything comes secondary to a girl, first thing which they will notice is how confident you are.

Comfortable Dressing 

Dressing sense is yet another tool required to attract women. Now it simply does not means that you should always wear costly dresses, or high fashionable dresses, you can simply wear clothes you feel comfortable in, and see the results.

When it comes about dressing sense, it is about your selection of fabric, colors, and confidence to wear them.

Girls easily get attracted towards guys who have a good dressing sense.

It also includes your selection of shoes, sunglasses, belts (remember matching colors of belts and shoes), etc.

No matter if you are wearing casuals or formals, but it should perfectly suit you. It should not be too large or which is totally unnecessary.

Smiling Face 

It is not like that men’s get attracted towards smiling women, but the reverse of the same is also true.

Women easily get attracted towards the smiling face of the guy. No matter how he looks, or what dresses he is wearing, a simple smile will definitely attract many women.

I am saying this, just because I myself have seen many girls being attracted towards me just because of my smile. I would not feel irritated to accept the fact that I am neither a handsome looking guy, nor a too confident too. But still it was my smile which gave me the chance to make place in the hearts of many women.

And yes one more thing my dressing sense was worst.

So along with confidence and dressing sense your smile is something which can do magic and attracts many girls.

Be Approachable 

Don’t be arrogant enough so that girls will feel bad while approaching you.

If you don’t talk to girl, they won’t be attracted by you.

To be very frank girls really get attracted towards guy who are easily approachable, who can hear their feelings, and who can never abuse them in front of others.

Sometimes I too do this mistake of abuse my wife in front of others, for which I always feel guilty about. This is the reason why I usually share this point with others that you should never abuse any women in front of others.

Also remember one thing, if you don’t talk to the girls, they will feel themselves unlikable and unwanted in your life, and will never approach towards you.

So these were some of the tips which will help you to attract the girls towards you. Always remember a girl always love gentleman, and if by any chance they realize that you are not a gentleman either towards them or to any other person in your life, they will easily go away from your life too.

So, while having all these talents you should also have the gentleness inside you whenever you interact with them.

Also remember that every girl is unique, and have different choices, opinions, likes and dislikes. You must need to behave accordingly to them and also remember if someone rejected you, then it is not the end of the world. As you know that each woman or girl is different; and their likes, dislikes are also different; and hence some other girl might like you in future as well.

Thus never lose your confidence that a particular girl is not getting attracted towards you. Keep on trying and with all these characteristics girls will surely notice you.

Do let me know if I missed something in this blog post. It might be possible that I am missing some special quality of guys which can help attracting woman towards them. If you know any of them, then please don’t hesitate in sharing the same with us. Also please don’t hesitate in sharing your opinion about this and other blog posts of mine. Please consider sharing your opinion in the form of a comment over here.

My best wishes are always there with the success of your life.

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