Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for your Blogs in 2014!

As you all know that I recently published my first book. I did announce the same in my last blog post. Although as I said towards the end of the blog that I am also planning to write another book on SEO in post-penguin and post-panda world. I guess I started writing it a few months back only, but never get the chance to complete it.

So many things are changing in the field of SEO that to club all of them together is really a difficult task. And then you all know about my limitation with English literature which always stops me to write further, but then it is my passion which forces me to write again and again.

As I mentioned in my last blog post that I will definitely try to finish this assignment very soon and this desire of mine will be encouraged by your comments only. So please do review the book and do share your opinion, comments, feedback about the same with us, so that I can be inspired to take it further.

As you all know that SEO or search engine optimization really plays a vital role in getting traffic to your website, or blog. Some of the bloggers claims that SEO does not matter as far as blogging is concerned. To be very frank, it is not true. Blogs also need relevant traffic, and without reaching to the top of the search results how can you expect them?

Well it is true that blogs these days have some different options available for getting traffic to their blog. Like you can rely on social media, you can have good numbers of follow base, and you can get good traffic, but then nothing can substitute the traffic through search engines. And hence you cannot ignore SEO for your blogs.

I am not saying you all to learn SEO in depth; rather you can simply work on a few tips and get quality results.

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for your Blogs in 2014!

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for your Blogs in 2014!

 Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for your Blogs in 2014!

So here are those top 10 SEO tips and tricks which you can follow in 2014 and get good results. You can also read one of my blog post on effective SEO tips for 2014!

 Post Title Matters

Let us understand this fact that the title of your blog post matters a lot as far as search engines are concerned.

Instead of giving anything as the title of your blog post you can also think about utilizing your main keywords into the title. You can simply use some long tail keywords as well. You can research about the relevant keywords, and choose a long tail; best matched keywords with your blog post and site, which will help your blog to rank quicker.

Always try to contain your post title into less than 65 characters. Although search engines might consider a title of around 70 characters, but to get the best results you should make it of less than 65 characters.

Ideally you can have a title of around 55-65 characters.

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 Unique Description

Gone are the days when you can place anything in the Meta description section of your blog post. Be aware that now Google is very strict towards On page, as well as on Off page factors as well.

Especially when it comes about Meta description, Google is very strict about it. You must need to follow this trend of developing unique Meta descriptions for all the blog posts of your blog.

Keep an eye on your webmaster tools data, and look for any duplicate Meta description and try to resolve them ASAP.

Always remember the thing that your Meta description should not only be unique, but it also be related to your blog post. It should make sense with the blog post of your site.

Other than this you should also know the fact that in most of the cases Google prefer displaying your Meta description in the search engine results page, thus an attractive and matching Meta description will definitely increase the CTR (Click Through Ratio) of your blog.

Make a practice of using around 160 or fewer characters for Meta description.

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 Use of Heading Tags

We all know that we have h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6, six types of heading tags. We can utilize them properly in our blog posts.

These are the best options available for properly structure your blog posts. These days search engine like Google gives great value towards structured blog posts.

Thus utilize these heading tags in your blog post to differentiate different headings.

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 URL Structure

Don’t ignore the permalink structure of your blog. Also try to give SEO friendly URL structure for your blogs.

Try to use your targeted keywords in the URL of the post.

 Image Optimization

Optimizing your images with the help of Alt tags is not only beneficial for your blog posts, but it also emphasizes your blog posts ranking in image search as well.

If you want to rank better in search engines, try to optimize your images with proper alt tags.

 Linking Matters

I am sure you all know about the importance of unique, quality and informative content, so I am not going to discuss about the same over here. Since you all are blogger, an established one, so there is no point in explaining you the importance of unique content on your website.

But the trend which is getting importance in search engines in 2014 is that the linking (both internal as well as external) matters a lot in SEO.

Frankly, you should try to link to your old blog posts (around 3-4 links) and to a few high quality external websites (maximum 2 links) such as WikiPedia, YouTube, etc.

It will boost the SEO factor of your blog.

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 Google Authorship

Google authorship really matters a lot these days. It is something which can increase the CTR of your links in SERP by around 30%.

To be very frank, Google gives importance to blogs which are having this authorship set up on their blog. So as far as SEO in 2014 and coming days is concerned, you cannot simply ignore doing the setup of Google Authorship.

 Social Sharing’s

Social media sites are highly important these days with SEO. In fact search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are giving too importance to the social signal of a website. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, etc. are playing vital role in boosting your SEO rankings.

To be very frank, instead of investing time, money and efforts on link building procedures every blog owner should try to focus on increasing their social sharing’s and get the necessary search engine love.

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Sitemap matters a lot as far as SEO in 2014 and coming days is concerned. Try to build an XML sitemap and do submit the same in Google Webmaster Tools.

It will help Google to crawl your blog effectively.

 Broken Links

Broken links are something which can anytime stop the SEO progress of your blog. You simply cannot ignore broken links on your blog.

I would recommend using any plugin which can help you to detect broken links on your website and then you can be able to remove them from your blog.

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Other than all the above 10 SEO tips and tricks, there is one more quite important thing which is very much required if you want to get SEO benefits. It is the web hosting of your blog. Don’t try to save a few bucks to let down the reputation of your blog. Try to select web hosting for your blog properly so that it can be loaded quickly.

So those were the 10 +1 (bonus) SEO tips and tricks which can help you make your blog as search engine friendly in the year 2014 and coming years too. I am sure if you follow all these tips search engines will definitely start loving your blog.

I guess you all like this blog post of mine. Please don’t hesitate in sharing your comments and opinion about it and as well as on my first book too. I will be waiting for them eagerly.

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