Health Benefits of Eating Fruits!

You might question me that why should we eat fruits? After all what are the health benefits of eating fruits?

We all know that health is wealth. Eating fruits and vegetables are really important. They give us the required energy and boost the immunity system of our body. Fruits are very much essential during the process of body building or exercise.

No matter which profession are you in, healthy diet is the basic requirement for a better health.

Fruits are the essential components of healthy diets. In this post I will discuss some of the common benefits of eating fruits, especially we will discuss about some common fruits.

Health Benefits of Eating Fruits!

Health Benefits of Eating Fruits!

 Health Benefits of Eating Fruits!

Here are the health benefits of eating fruits:

 Benefits of Mangoes

I do love summers, not because of the heat, but because of mangoes only. Although being a diabetic patient I am not supposed to eat them. If you are also having diabetes or uncontrolled sugar level, then mangoes are the very first thing which you need to avoid.

Not many people are aware that mangoes are highly beneficial against some cancers like breast, prostate, colon, etc. Antioxidants present in mangoes are considered good against these cancers.

Other than this, mangoes are having very high levels of fiber, thus mangoes helps fighting against cholesterol. Fiber along with pectin and Vitamin C, helps to lower serum cholesterol levels.

Not only this, mangoes are having high values of Vitamin A, which helps in good eyesight along with fights against night blindness and dry eyes in some cases.

Though as I said that mango is harmful for diabetes patients, but then mango also comes with a very strong natural medicine against diabetes. It is normally said that boiling leaves of mangoes, then soaking them for overnight, and then consuming the filtered water in early morning helps controlling blood sugar level, though I never tried this one and hence I cannot say if it is genuine or not.

Above all, mangoes are quite helpful in boosting the immune system of our body.

So those were some of the benefits associated with mangoes, which are considered as the king of all fruits out here in India.

 Benefits of Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctors away.

In this fast moving life, who the hell (pardon me for this) want to visit doctors?

To be very frank, whenever we think about fruits I guess the one which at most comes into our mind is apples only. They are so useful to us that you cannot be able to skip eating them.

Precisely apples are having fewer calories, and less fat, rich in fibers, having lots of vitamins, minerals and other important chemicals which all are beneficial for us.

Other than this apples are having very high water content, which are also helpful to us.

Not many people are aware that apples are highly helpful in getting healthier and whiter teeth. When you eat apples, they stimulate the production of saliva, which helps in tooth decay because of some bacteria’s.

Unlike mangoes, apples are useful in fighting against diabetes as well. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and fighting against cancers.

Drinking the fresh juice of apples helps us in fighting against Alzheimer’s and also fights the effects of aging of our mind.

Above all apple helps your body to develop resistance against infections.

 Benefits of Banana

Bananas are always considered as the source of instant energy and beneficial for all the athletes. Bananas also helps in digestion and very much helpful in case of constipation.

If you are struggling with depression, then bananas are too good for you. Bananas came with high levels of tryptophan, which converted into serotonin after consuming, which is considered as mood enhancer elements.

Bananas are really harmful for diabetes patients, similar to mangoes, so diabetic patients should avoid eating bananas.

Bananas are also beneficial for countering the calcium loss of our body. Thus bananas help in building strong bones.

Bananas are having plenty of iron which is helpful in strengthening blood and relieving in anemia.

 Benefits of Watermelon

As I said that I do love summers. And I do love summers, not only because of mangoes but also for watermelons.

It is a common myth that as mangoes they are also harmful for diabetic patients. As per recent researches a normal watermelon consists of only 6% sugar and rest 91% of water.

Watermelon helps control your heart rate, which is too crucial.

Watermelons are always considered as the best fruit for summer’s season as it helps you to hydrate and cool down.

They are also a great source of Vitamin C, which helps in maintaining immune system deficiencies. Other than this watermelons are also having high value of Vitamin A which helps in getting better eyesight.

They are highly effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

 Benefits of Grapes

Grapes are also one of the most commonly found fruits and it is too beneficial for our health as well.

One of the most important benefits of taking grapes is that it relaxes the blood vessels of our body.

Grapes also have antioxidants polyphenols which is highly beneficial against cancers.

Grapes are also beneficial in preventing heart diseases.

 Benefits of Oranges

If you ask one thing which are being recognized by my one and half year old daughter, then it will be oranges for sure. Oranges are the favorite fruits of her.

Oranges in fact helps us to maintain great skin and visions.

Other than this, oranges are also beneficial in preventing cancers especially liver cancers, kidney diseases, and helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Oranges also helps in boosting the health of our heart.

We know that high-fiber foods are quite beneficial for our health, almost all the fruits are having this quality of containing high fibers. Hence we should have try to eat as much fruits as possible (though maintaining the limits as well) on a regular basis.

I hope you must have liked this post and also the last blog of mine on health benefits of drinking lemon water. Please do let me know your feedback about both of these blogs.

Also I wanted to include a few more fruits in this list, but unfortunately did not get much time to compose this blog post, and hence I decided to write the second part of this blog post which will have the benefits of a few more fruits. Stay tune to know more about that.

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