How to Make your Blog More Productive?

After writing my last blog post on blogging (how to make money from blogging) I thought to share something which can be beneficial for every blogger, no matter on what platform do you blog, no matter why do you blog (as I usually ask), no matter how often do you blog. So here comes my new blog post on how to make your blog more productive?

Now asking this doesn’t means that I am saying your blog is not at all productive. Well, what I want to blog in this post is to make your blog even more productive than what it already is.

So my direct question to you all the bloggers, how often do you blog?

Do you blog on a daily basis, or on a weekly basis, or on a monthly basis?

You all know that from last month I am blogging on a daily basis, though before that I was not a regular blogger.

There are even many bloggers out here who do share many posts on a daily basis. They are actually doing well.

But now when I say about a blog being productive, so what does that means? Simply posting many blog posts does not mean that your blog is productive. So how can we define the productivity of a blog?

Well, if you ask me, I will define productivity of a blog in this way. It is a smart way to deliver posts to your readers which can engage them more, and organize your blog in a professional way. No matter how many blog posts you do share daily, the matter is how potential are they to engage your audience.

How to Make your Blog More Productive?

How to Make your Blog More Productive?

 How to Make your Blog More Productive?

Read on this blog post of mine to know about my views on it:

 Developing Posts Smartly

Well, you can found many bloggers out here; you can read so many blogs on a daily basis, but how many of them are there whom you want to read again and again?

How many bloggers are out there whose blog posts are being awaited by you from so long? Or how many blogs are out here that you check all the times for any updated posts?

I guess there are only a few.

Consider about the same from the readers of your own blog. Do you think how many of your readers will or actually are anticipating your new blog posts? I guess you can count them on fingers.

I can actually count them on fingers.

So my point is that it is not that much easier that people will wait for your next blog posts. To reach to that position you need to develop smart posts. You simply blog about a few particular topics, and will never expect someone eager to wait for your next blog post.

So, what I actually want to say you all to increase the productivity of your website is to develop quality posts with all the best points which you can have for your readers.

Develop Chain Posts

You can develop chain posts, or serial posts, which can bound the users to keep waiting for the next blog posts by you. See to be very frank, I am also not that much creative whose blog posts will be considered as smart posts. The blogging creativity which I discussed in the above point is really hard to achieve, but believe me I have seen many a bloggers achieving the same without doing much efforts.

I am quite sure that you people are remembering a few blogger friends of mine. Do you remember about Pooja (whom I mentioned in my blog post on how to live a happy life), and do you remember about Sri (whom I mentioned in my blog post on how to forget the person whom you love)?

If you do remember them then I must count you as one of the similar types of reader whom I mentioned in the above point :)

Jokes apart, but I really do love the writing style of these two bloggers, not only because they do know how to present things, but they also has the ability to produce serial posts on some topics. If you do visit their blogs you will realize the same.

So my point is that if you really want to increase the productivity of your blog then start developing chain posts, in a creative way.

Connect Different Posts

Connecting different blog posts is itself an art. While developing a blog post of yours try to give reference to other blog posts of yours only, it will not only engage your readers, but also provide them different options to read from your blog post.

I hope I had already discussed about it in many previous blog posts of mine, as I did mentioned about internal linking in how to optimize a blog post. You can also use related posts type of plug-in for this purpose.


I guess the best ways to increase the productivity of your blog is to remain consistent with it. I guess this is what I did mistake in past with few blogs of mine.

As I mentioned the same point in the blog post on 10 common blogging mistakes to avoid by bloggers, if you are an inconsistent blogger, then your blog will hard to get those regular reader bases.

So if you really want to increase the productivity of your blog, try to grow yourself, and produce nicely-written, and smart blog posts, with links to your old blog posts and you should be consistent enough to blogging.

Follow Editorial Calendar

I was not remembering where exactly I used to define the importance of the editorial calendar, but then I Google about it and reach to my own blog post on how to plan about getting best possible results from article marketing in the year 2014. I guess other than this blog post as well I mentioned about the importance of having this editorial calendar ready with you.

So to increase the productivity of your blog, my idea is to prepare an editorial calendar and prepare a blog posting strategy. This way you can be able to judge your own strength and weaknesses.

Use Guest Posts Smartly

Though Google is not that much happy with guest blogging, but I will suggest it as one of the most powerful tools to increase the productivity of your website. You just need to be careful with the quality of the posts.

Try to accept guest posts from those who already have a good relationship with you. Try to judge the quality of their blog posts and publish it only if you found it useful for your readers, else you might decline it as well.

So those were some of the ways to increase the productivity of your blog. Do let me know your opinion about this blog post of mine. I will be waiting to hear your comments about it.

One more point which I want to mention over here is that you should know to utilize the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to increase the productivity of your blog.

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