What is Friendship?

What is friendship? I guess we all sometimes think about the answer to this question. Everyone has his own set of definitions for this question, but whenever I came through this question, every time I too had different opinion about it. Just to pen them down I started to write this blog post on a Sunday evening.

For many, friendship is considered as a bond between two people, no matter of what gender they do belong, no matter of what caste they do belong, no matter of what religion they do belong and no matter of which language they do speak. Friendship has a different set of language, in which nothing else comes into consideration.

To be very frank I always believe that you are too lucky if you have a single good friend in your life. It is really difficult to get good friends.

What is Friendship?

What is Friendship?

Who is a Friend?

To respond to the above question I can say that a person who can take care of yourself, who can be there to help you when you fall in life, who can always complement you that you can do it, who can wipe your tears at times, who can always offer you shoulders to cry upon them, who can say you are not alone, I am there for you, who can give a hug to you and you can feel that you can face all the problems of your life.

Not look like a fairy tale?

Yes, it is. But not actually, you can get such persons in your life. The problem being that it is hard to identify them.

Friendship can definitely blossom and continue for a lifetime, which is really hard to believe these days.

It is quite normal that you came across someone in your life, became friends, and after few days, you two got disconnected, because of the busy schedule of your life, or due to some other reasons as well. You might feel sad for a few days, but then you will have someone new in your life.

But, does it all give true happiness to you?

No, not at all. A friendship which can stand for lifetime is something which gives immense pleasure in life.

Value of Friendship

It is too hard to define the value of friendship, as it differs from person to person. For some person, friendship simply means to take benefits of someone else, his knowledge, his position, etc. while for some other it is simply to make someone else happy in their own life.

Which category do you consider yourself stands for?

To be very frank, and I don’t know how many of you will support me for this, but as you grow older, you will start realizing the importance of friends in your life. You always need good friends, with whom you can share all your problems and all the happiness at times. To be very frank whenever you fall in some problem in your life, you realized the importance of having good friends in your life.

No doubt, you can have your life partner, or your family as a friend, but then with time you might also realize that family is not enough, you need at least a few good friends to be happy in your life.

What is Friendship?

So this time I am asking you all “what is friendship”? Do share what is friendship in your opinion in the form of a comment below.

As per me it is a worthy investment, not to be considered as some financial investment, but not less than that too. It is always good to have some great friends in your life.

Here are some blogs which I write on some issues related with friendship in past and thought to share them over here:

The first one is on a few qualities a good friend should have, although we don’t make friendship based on seeing the qualities of a person, but still if a person is having similar qualities, can always be relied upon as a good friend. Obviously I consider myself as a person who has all those qualities, though I am not aware how many people are out here who consider me as a good friend?

The second blog is on some mistakes which we should always avoid in friendship. You might say that friendship is something in which we don’t do things in a predicted manner, but still we should try to avoid these seven mistakes in friendship. Here are those seven mistakes which should always be avoided in friendship.

The last blog which I am going to share over here is on things to do when your friends lets you down. It is really tough to fight this situation when your so called friend only lets you down, but then you will have to face it. So please read my blog on what to do when your friend lets you down?

Being said all these I am expecting your opinion about what is friendship and what do you think about having a good friend in your life. I am waiting for your responses on the same.

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