Signs That Your Marriage is in Trouble!

This blog post of mine is for those couples who think that they are living a happy life with their life partner, but then something is seriously lacking in their life. The reason why they don’t want to spend much time in their home, with their life partner, or the moment when they realize that their communication is becoming too short and a rare event these days, are the signs of a troubled marriage.

As I mentioned in my last blog post on how to deal with negative people, ups and down comes in every person’s life. Even the same applies with every married couple’s life as well. We all faces more or less similar types of problems, but it doesn’t means that we should start ignoring our life partner, and start focusing on some other things.

Understanding is surely one of the finest things which can fix any relationships. Let me first do let you know about the signs that your marriage is in trouble, and then I will also let you know some steps which can help you to protect your marriage.

Signs that Your Marriage is Not Working

Signs that Your Marriage is Not Working

Signs that Your Marriage is Not Working

Here are some signs which can deliberately tell you that your marriage is not working in a good condition and you do need reconsideration.

Lack of Communication

Be it your marriage or any relationships; lack of communication plays a huge role in devastating the romance between them.

Do remember if you are spending more time in talking with your friends, online or offline as well, than your partner; believe me your married life is seriously having problems. These days you will easily find that both the partners are busy talking to their online buddies through Facebook, or sending messages to friends through What’s App, or sending some random updates about your country or state through Twitter.

I am not saying that these things are wrong. In my opinion it is a good pass time if you are free, but then when you are with your partner, give at least some attention to him or her only, then giving the same attention to your Smartphone’s.

Spending Time Together

How much time do you two spend together these days? If you too think that these days you hardly spend some time together then believe me it is the alarming time.

I do understand that we all are having too busy schedule, if you do check mine, you won’t believe that from morning 7 to evening 8 I stays out of my home for my work, and then after reaching home it really becomes hard to spend time with my wife, when we do have a little angel too, who took major portion of ours time and attention, but then still I try to spend some time together with my wife only.

Do remember, when I watch TV, and wife trying to do some stuff with baby, does not means that we are spending time together. On the other hand, wife playing with Facebook, and husband watching television though sitting in the same room; does not means that they are spending time together.

Going to Attend Social Functions Together

The next sign through which you can analyze that your marriage is seriously in trouble is through the count that how many times you two do attended some social functions together during last few days? Well, if you are unable to count a single instance, it means your marriage seriously needs another thought.

Normally what I have seen, if there is some function at the boy’s family, if the lady don’t want to attend the same, it means something is lacking, on the other hand if the function is at the girl’s family and the guy tries to ignore attending the same, it means both of them are not having problems with their in-laws, but they do have problems with their own partner only.

You don’t Love Each Other

Normally people say that this situation arises in arranged marriages, but I have seen it more in case of love marriages. Also read our blog on Love Marriage Vs. Arranged Marriages.

Well do believe me that it is one of the most obvious signs of a failing marriage when you realize that you don’t love your partner anymore.


Well, I am mentioning this point over here, as I have faced it badly in our life.

It is quite natural in anyone’s life, that his or her partner often feels depressed for no obvious reasons, or for some known reasons, in which the other person won’t be able to do anything.

It might be possible that in some cases the reason of depression being the partner only.

It will be another sign of a failing marriage, so be alert about it. Also read this blog of mine on how to get rid of depression and reasons for higher depression levels in women.

Alcoholic Partner

If your partner is too alcoholic, while you don’t prefer having it, it is a sign of the trouble in your married life. It might be possible that your partner was not a alcoholic earlier, but just because of the bad marriage he or she became alcoholic or started taking drugs.

Be aware of this situation, as it might also be possible that your partner is taking drugs or alcohol in absence of you.

If One Partner is Cheating

Well, it is one of the obvious sign of a danger in your married life. If any one of the partner is cheating or used to cheat, then it is a serious sign for both of them. Small-small mistakes might happen in every couple’s life, but then some incidents are like that which cannot be forgotten and ignored.

If you are cheating then be sure that your marriage is under problem.

Always Arguing

A situation, in which both of you found yourself arguing that too always for the same reason, is alarming for your relationships. Do remember that raising your voice will never solve the issue.

I too sometimes raise my voice these days, and I really feel sorry about it, but the best thing with my married life is that my life partner is too caring and understanding, and she understands every activity of mine.

You No Longer Cares or Pay Attention

Well this being the last sign as per me in anyone’s married life, as this might be the ultimate outcome of the frustration of a married couple.

You or even your partner too start ignoring other’s feeling, and no longer cares what other partner is doing, or suffering, or pay attention to what difficulties your partner is facing. This means that your married life has reached to a level where it can head to any direction, any time.

How to Recover from This Situation of Troubled Marriage!

It is not like that if above signs are prevailing in your married life, means everything is over. There are still ways to recover from this situation, here are some of them.

Common Friends

Common friends play a crucial role in bringing the gap between two love birds. If you two are having all the above things because of some misunderstandings or you two having some issue because of which you started ignoring your partner then the common friend of yours might play a crucial role to fill that gap between you two.

Understand Your Partner

Understanding your partner is the best way to get rid of this situation. Do understand why he or she reacted badly, or do understand the condition in which your partner is behaving like this.

Support Your Partner

Not only understanding the problems your partner is facing will suffice, but you also need to support your partner in these conditions.

Your caring nature along with understanding and support will feel the gap between you two.

I am not sure if I have been able to help you out in this condition, but I at least tried doing the same with this blog of mine. Please do let me know if you really like this blog post or not. I will be waiting for your comments.

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