7 Reasons Which Prove Why Girls Lie!

Most of the people who have faced lots of rejections and ditches in their life often believe in the idea that women utter lie the most. The fact is in most of the cases, this seems to be true.

In serious kind of relationships, most of the times women seem to lie a lot, however, at the very same time there are evidences where men too lie, yet the proportion seems to be different. They have their own reasons to lie and most of the time their dissatisfaction and non complacency lead to lie and falsehood. When you see them saying a lie or falsehood, you can notice certain signs, which can prove that they are treading the path of deceit and cheating. If you fail to know these reasons and signs that prove why girls lie then check out the following paragraphs. The below is the list of 7 reasons which prove why girls lie.

7 Reasons Which Prove Why Girls Lie!

7 Reasons Which Prove Why Girls Lie!

Low satisfaction level

If a woman in any relationship is not enjoying much with her partner then she will not be satisfied with the man to whom she is in her relationship. Such relationship would simply covert a burden to them thus compelling them to lie and betray the partner. The satisfaction can be at various levels, including romance and sex, different monetary things or other important aspects of life. If man fails to be at par with the expectations of a woman she is bound to lie. You can make this out from certain behavioral changes in her day to day life especially when she interacts with you.

Not getting more attention

Every woman on earth yearns to get maximum attention from their partners, which they often demand from their boyfriend/husband. However, if you fail to remain sensitive to her feelings she is compelled to tread the path of falsehood and lie to seek your attention. At such junctures in order to seek the attention of her man, you will see her uttering phrases and words, which are often full with lies and ironies. So make sure you keep on praising her so that she stops lying any further.

To secure herself

At times you can see women avoiding to express her emotions or feelings before their man. This is because they fear that she would feel hurt in this process. At such junctures, she chooses the path of lie and falsehood. Hence you will therefore see her maintaining a safe distance from her man as they don’t want to make themselves helpless and week. You can find such signs or behavior very much common in serious kind of relationships to avoid them you need find solutions.

Hiding her past

In most of the cases, women do not want to disclose their past to their men. This is because she must be is a bad relationship in her past and hence simply doesn’t want to share with the new man in or may be because she doesn’t want to get rejected by him hence prefer lying as such junctures. She simply wants to forget her past and start things new, which can be the possible reason to lie. Hence whenever a man ask her about the her past you may see her feeling uncomfortable and her body language only would reveal that she is lying.

When her man is not trustworthy

If her partner (husband or boyfriend) is not trustworthy and reliable you cannot expect her to say the truth and share her secrets with you. Hence when you see her partner not being fair and genuine to her then some day or the other she is going to realize this and start lying with such kind of man. At such junctures, she would be more often in her investigative mode trying to find what’s going behind and pose you certain strange questions, and giving strange answers revealing that she is also lying unlike the way you are doing with her.

For revenge

Unlike the men who say lies with their partners, it is very much normal to see women too doing the same. At such junctures their reasons to lie is to take revenge from you. Hence if you have the habit of cheating or lying with your partner you cannot simply blame her to take the same path against you. In fact, women know that men feel more hurt when they lie to them so having said that, they keep on lying and cheating them. This is simply a matter of going for a fair vengeance.

To do something forbidden

If you ask your partner to do any particular thing but keep on doing the same at your end then she has no reason to lie. So in order to do the things you have forbidden, she would keep on doing things on her own and keep telling lies to you.

Final word

Women do lie, but in most of the cases, it’s because of their partner’s behavior and actions, which compel them to do so. It is therefore better to check the reasons why they lie, if the reason is genuine you can think of sorting out the things right.

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