Think Before you Say I Do!

Marriage is a fusion between two people who have agreed to share their life with each other; however men are still confused about the concept of marriage. The following article will help in clearing all the doubts of men who run away from marriage.

Marriages have a beautiful saying that “relationships are planned in heaven and implemented on earth”. It takes two to tango and same goes with the marriage. Wedlock is broadly catered into two aspects i.e. arrange marriage and love marriage where arrange matrimony seem to be a passé for the X generation and they want to walk down the aisle with their loved ones.  Weddings are considered as a relationship that is meant to last lifelong however men always seem to bring a twist to their love story. Men are the notorious half in a relationship as they have a habit of showing their back when their better half comes up with the question of getting permanently hooked up.

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Men constantly dream of a relationship where they are waking up together, having a romantic day at the beach with their woman, laugh together, share everlasting memories and enjoy a sunset dinner or a midnight walk along the sea shore. Men are willing to do everything for their dream woman except walking down the aisle. It is like a nightmare for them where they see themselves arguing who will do the piled up dishes or who will take care of the countless expenses. Women take marriages as an opportunity to get dressed up in their best and spend like they have no tomorrow.  However, the question is why men run away from lifelong commitments towards their woman they love. There are men who are willing to get married and then there are some who thinks matrimony is nothing but sacrifice.

Think Before you Say I Do!

Think Before you Say I Do!

However, men need to understand that marriage is no rocket science and you will certainly end up getting married one or the other day. Therefore, it is better to take few notes for pre- wedding and post- wedding which would ultimately prosper your love life.  Following are few “pre- wedding points to remember” for men in order to get along with your future life partner and what you need to do before tying the knot:

List down the Reasons

Ask yourself or list down the reasons why you do not want to tie the knot or why you want to tie the knot. Companionship of a spouse and wanting a family is a big decision for one and therefore one need to give ample time to yourself and to your loved one before exchanging the rings.

Benefits of getting married

A perfect relationship or a perfect matchmaking is a myth. There is no such thing as perfect and thus a relation between the X and Y chromosome are bound to bear each other’s nonsense till death does them apart. Marriage is packed with joy, sorrow, respect, excitement, and the most important love.   You will always have your life partner in front of your eyes and you might realize that getting married can be a beautiful journey sooner or later.  You can take major decisions of life with your life partner that would not have been possible if you were single.

Your spouse will always be standing beside you through the roller coaster journey of life and honestly some men end up getting married in order to get meals and leisure on time. It sounds cheesy but this is how few men think of marriage.

Form an Opinion

It is imperative for men to form an opinion about the institution of marriage. One can either have a positive opinion or a negative one. If you have decided to take the vows before giving it a thought, your married life might end up with a divorce.

Emotional Quotient

This is one of the key reasons why men are not willing to get married as they are not emotionally available in a relationship. Therefore, you need to shed light on your emotional quotient and ask yourself –“are you willing to give 100 percent in this relationship. If the answer to this question is “Yes” then you should take a step ahead and experience how marriage can transform your life. If the answer to the above question is “No” then step back and give more time to your relationship.

The above points discussed what men need to do prior getting familiar with the term “marriage”. Now let’s move into the next phase where men need advice after taking a dip in the water of holy matrimony. So, as a final point you have a life partner you dreamt of but marriage is a not a walk in the park. The following pointers will keep the fire alive in your new journey:

I Do, Think Before you Say...

Think Before you Say I Do!

Make Marriage your priority

Men need to be more responsible after their wedding. One should make their marriage a priority in their life which would elevate their relation to whole new levels.

Hone your listening skills

Men are considered to be dominating in their relationships and that are where they lose points in their newly married life. If you want to avoid arguments and you do not want to sleep in the next room alone, you should start listening to your wife. You should know that women are always right, even if they are wrong.

In a nutshell, men do not have to run away from marriage and few points can certainly help them to get over the fear of marriage.

Author Bio: Ashish Kumar has a unique taste when it comes to writing. He profoundly pens down about the matrimony and various aspects related to it. His articles express detailed information with a flow of creativity.

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