Ways to Flirt without Being Annoying to Others!

I am sure that we all will accept that flirting in itself is an art. While, there are very less people out here who are a master in it. Flirting in itself is a nice way to express your feeling towards someone, but many of us unknowingly irritate others in the process.

Frankly, in the process of attracting someone, we did not realize when we cross the limit and as you all know that overdoing of flirting generally annoys others.

Doing a bit of flirting is good for all of us, but we should be careful enough so that we shall not do it in a improper manner.

That can be dangerous; you can lose your special one.

Ways to Flirt without Being Annoying to Others!

Ways to Flirt without Being Annoying to Others!

Many of my readers will say that flirting is a women’s trade, then why do we need to practice the same.

Well in my opinion, you cannot divide flirting as a gender base stuff, as anyone can become a master of the same. In this busy world, we all require a bit share of relaxation, which we can get with it.

Here are some ways to flirt without being annoying to others:

Choose Appropriate Words

Selection of meaningful and appropriate words is the backbone of the successful flirting. Be careful while choosing words while flirting always prefers not to choose words which can suggest your direct intention to the person.

Always choose words through which you can look polite, and respectful to him/her. Well you can annoy someone if your friend realized that you are actually not keen in knowing him or her better, rather you are showing it off.

Choose Proper Topic

For some people it really becomes difficult to choose topic for discussion. Sometimes it’s really hard to find anything to talk about, but you need to know that a topic on which your partner is not at all interested can annoy him/her badly.

Prefer to choose topics on which you two are having an interest in. A good way to do so is encourage your partner to start talking, this way your partner will prefer the topic which he/she has the interest in.

If you are becoming short of finding anything to talk about, start with putting some general questions like how are you, how was the day, etc.

Once the process begins, you can judge the mood of your partner and then you can easily go ahead with the flow.

Always remember if your partner is not in a mood to continue the conversation don’t force him/her with the same. It will increase the level of anonymity.

Talk Less about Yourself

The biggest mistake which anyone does in case of building relationships is of talking all about you only. Don’t talk all about yourself; give chance to your partner to open up.

The secret behind every successful relationship is of making trust, and keenness to hear your partner. Once you started flirting with someone, give him/her chance to open up as well. If you start talking about yourself only others will annoy very soon.

Over Complementing is Bad

Complementing a girl is one of the best ways to melt the ice in case of a boy flirting with a girl, but it’s not true that it can work for girls only. Boys can also be influenced with the help of complements.

Complementing your partner means you are acknowledging the importance of your partner. This way your partner will understand that you are noticing him/her as well.

But there should be a limit, else complementing will make you a liar in your partner’s eye. Always try to give genuine complements; it can make your crush happy.

Avoid Jokes

Many people consider that cracking jokes will help them in flirting, but in my opinion avoiding jokes is important if you two don’t have that much of understanding level. Your partner might get confused if you are being serious or what?

Consider saying just kidding with your jokes at the beginning so that it cannot develop any confusion in your partner’s mind.


When you are flirting with someone, give necessary focus on the other person. Listen him/her carefully, it will make your crush comfortable.


When doing flirting, confidence is very much needed. Don’t display that you are not confident enough; mostly girls prefer guys with confidence and prefer to reciprocate the flirt with them. Eye contact is something which can display the confidence of yours.

One of the worst things in flirting is staring at other person’s body; it gives the negative signal to the other person. Smile at your face can ease any situation and many people truly like it.

Don’t be Serious Enough

Don’t forget that you are actually doing a bit of flirting only, and healthy flirting is something which is meant for fun only. Don’t be serious enough so that it can become difficult for you to manage.

Well, as per me, positive attitude and simplicity is the key behind your success in flirting. A bit of flirting can bring freshness in any relationships as well.

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