How to Stay Calm!

At times there are situations when one feels stressed out due to various circumstances. Many of them get stressed out very easily, and further suffer problems like high blood pressure, asthma and many more health related issues. It is human nature to take pains and tension for every small thing. Right from the very age stage of being a student, a normal human being starts getting stressed out. As students we are worried about our studies, in college, we have to worry about the notes for studying which is accompanied by rifts with friends, classmates and for those who deal in office work, that forms the working class of our society, they get stressed with the work load and their rifts with their bosses and colleagues.

Moreover those with high goals and ambitions suffer from stress all the more. Their sky soaring ambitions take them through health disorders. I too have high aspirations in life and want to out beat all in the competition, but at the end of the day all I wish is for a peace of mind when I go to sleep, and remain calm so as to plan my future prospects. Moreover when we have our emotions and anger in control we perform much better tasks which are productive and are also purposeful in our lives. Here are a few things which can certainly help you to live a stress free life.

A deep breath is all you need at the time of stress

A deep, good and fresh breath can help you in great ways to lower your stress levels. One thing that you have to bear in mind while taking such long breaths that you have good and beautiful people around you too, other than all fussy people around. You have talents and skills which can easily out beat anyone. While breathing deep do not take your mind to anything that is negative. You will certainly feel fresh and good.

Change your perspectives

Consider the situations from the point of view of the person with whom you are having conflicts, step into his shoes see how things look to you and then react or take any such decisions which you think will help you.

How to Stay Calm!

How to Stay Calm!

Eat what You want to

At the time of stress you do not have to think of proper diet, you should do what to think you should. Have all those foods that can make you happy. Other than this there are foods which serve a great deal do elevate your mood and are energy boosting, reach out for complex carbohydrates which include whole-grain breads, cereals and such vegetables which are starchy like corn and also potatoes. The benefit of all of these is that they help in increasing the serotonin level, which is a mood enhancing chemical in the brain. Red meat, salmon fish, dark leafy vegetables help in lowering your depression levels and also help reducing stress.

Move your body

Research says that the more you exercise, dance the happier you are. When you are exercising, the secretion of sweat from your body takes the stress off. The more regular your exercise routine is, it more beneficial for you to be able to keep yourself calm. Join yoga and meditation classes. Your exercise should be accompanied with really loud music, all jazzy music where there is no scope for you to listen to anyone other than the beats of the song and be rigorous as much as you can.

Spend time with near and dear ones

These are such bunch of people who will in no case advice anything adverse to you. You require presence of such people around you the most which are family like even when your family is away from you in stressful situation. Share your problems with such people; if even they have been through such stressful situations they will surely be able to guide you through such a situation.

Do things for yourself

As I have already mentioned earlier, meditation is a good healing source which will help you in a great way. Go to a spa, get a good massage done where in between the aroma candles you can enjoy the activities done to you, and also enjoy the serene atmosphere there. The best place to get rid of stress for those who can afford it is a SPA.

Next thing that you can do is to take a good book with a cup of coffee and read through, a good way to forget about your stress for some time.

Spend some quality time with yourself

The crux of this point is that take a long walk alone to some place which is not much crowded and such that where you can feel the presence of no one else but of just yourself. Take your earphones with you when you go out, listen to good calm music and give a thought to the stressful situation, I am sure you will certainly find ways to clear the mess and have a clean and a defined road to walk on once again.

Talk to your boss or any one elder about your situation

The reason for which this point is suggested to you is that sometimes may be because of stress you’re thinking capacity gets restricted. You have a particular mindset for a certain situation; you might be in the capacity of thinking only one way. Seeking advice from someone senior can be really beneficial, because there is an open gateway to your thoughts.

Therefore, as you can now realize that there is no reason for being under a stressed situation. You have to manage things as they come, you can no doubt consult people regarding a particular situation. But certainly a stressed situation can completely finish your thinking capacity. So, as we have suggested earlier, you should keep your mind calm and composed to as to handle other matters coming up.

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