Reasons to know “Why you can’t make Money with your Blog”

Often bloggers experience that their blog sites are not being able to make the most of money. But, why so a sudden fall? Is there any lack in advertising approach from the owner? If not, then why the performance of the blog site suddenly takes a back seat? Yes, definitely there are mistakes that can get away unnoticed. But these mistakes can be quite fatal and make the performance of the blog site falter seriously. There are definitely some valid reasons that allowed the blog to stop making money and perform in a positive note. Identifying the reasons is necessary. Let’s discuss about the top reasons that are responsible for negative performance of the blog. In this high competitive world, ninety percent of the bloggers are not being able to make quality money from running the blog site. So, don’t get dishearten with your blog’s performance. There are many similar bloggers available around you.

First of all, the blog might contain more of ads than actual informative material. This can be a a serious frustration for the visitors. But then, ads are also necessary. But at the same time, a strong and informative content with zero plagiarism is what readers look for. And it is the genuine contents that allow a blog to enjoy some serious success in the virtual world. A lot of bloggers have a tendency use advertising networks that never pays a penny for the cause. This also adds insult to the injury. Creating contents for marketing and contents worth marketing are two entirely different issues. Think about it! Which one do you want? The later one can definitely be more beneficial in creative a positive impression of the blog site in the web world.

Why you can't make Money with your Blog

Why you can’t make Money with your Blog

Marketing campaigns, when carried out online, can be tricky a bit. It’s not the word of mouth but pen that matters mainly in this form of marketing campaigns. If the online marketing campaign is not impressive enough, then the blog site can suffer a serious letdown.

Depending too much on social marketing can lead to negative repercussions. Social media marketing is necessary but that too, up to a certain limit. It should not be given the maximum priority. Scenarios can take a serious back turn if the contents are not shared by the social media users.

Often bloggers hire marketers who doesn’t have the efficiency to produce the best possible results. Many marketers promise strong viewership on a monthly basis, but most fail to provide the right results. Also, it is extremely important to establish the brand properly. Parodying the greats can create negative impressions. So, never think of those at all!

Often bloggers fail to make sufficient money because of their inability of blogging their niche. Remember, web designing is not about saving images or copying the document files. Networking is necessary. But that needs to be done with proper people. Networking is not about sharing gossips. It is pure business that, if done properly, can reap positive results. Updating the blog content is a must. And yes, the update needs to be done on a regular basis. Up to date contents is a must to attract readers.

Copying contents from other blogs is a sin in the virtual world. Never do that ever. Plagiarized contents can lead to serious downfall. The content should be genuine, original, copyscrape free, and catchy. It should be written in easy and simple language to allow every type of readers to understand easily.

Blogging about complicated topics can be a disaster. Yes, it can be very difficult to find more quality readers for such blogs. Always look for topics that attracts people. Yes, the topic can be controversial but should not harm a religion or caste by any means. Also, the content should be catchy and interesting. It should not be boring that may allow the readers to go away and never return back. The title of the blog post should be very much relevant to the content. It should not be that the content is different from what the title highlights. Say a title with WEAPONS OF WORLD WAR II should have a content that depicts strong information on the combat and ammunition options used during the second world war. If the content doesn’t focus on this point and instead starts highlighting the works of Adolf Hitler, then readers will never develop any interest in returning to the site for further reading. The content need to be informative; but more importantly, it should be what it highlights through the heading.

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