Things That Do Not Work In A Relationship!

Are you among those who constantly complain your partner of not being the one, you always expected him/her to be? Or you complain your partner of being changed; if that is the case you should certainly talk these matters out with your partner, because if you people have decided to take your relationship to the last of its level, then this attitude or such thinking of yours can create problems in future.

All those who are intimately involved in a relationship with another only they can understand that when things or circumstances are good, they are very good and joyful, but when things are bad, they are very, bad. The most common factor that often ruins relationship is “misunderstanding”. Therefore a remedy to avoid this can be to give your partner personal space, and even after that they turn up creating misunderstanding and involve with someone else, then I guess there is absolutely no point of continuing the relationship with that person.

Things That Do Not Work In A Relationship!

Things That Do Not Work In A Relationship!

Here are a few things which often do not work in a relationship:

  • Poking your partner day and night – any normal human being would get irritated if you continuously keep on poking him/her for petty things. Usually, it is in the girls to keep on poking their partners, and expect them to listen to them too, if you are such a girlfriend, then i suggest you should get over such cranky habits of yours, because initially your guy might listen to what you have to say, but as your relationship grows old he might not have the same attitude. Most of the guys have a tendency to do what they feel like and do things whenever they feel the time is right. So, before he ends up screaming at you and asks you to stop guiding him, you should stop yourself from poking him every now and then.
  • Jealousy and insecurity can ruin your relationship – before getting into a relationship or before sharing yourself with some stranger, you need to understand yourself first, completely, in other words you should know your self-worth before you enter into a relationship. You cannot expect your partner to pamper your ego and feed your attitude such that it grows as your relationship does, he might simply say, “keep your ego aside and then talk”, this will create a bad image of yours. On the other hand, your insecurities for him/her do make them feel special, but in the longer run, they might feel as if you don’t trust them. Be rest assured about your partner, in case he/she is loyal, they’ll come back to you.
  • Changing yourself for them – The biggest mistake that one does is that they change themselves just the way their partners want them to be. Being inconsiderate of the fact that they were chosen for the way they were. Be who you are, let people like you rather let your partner like the way you’ve always been. Each one of us is unique in their own ways, in a relationship where you have to change yourself, that means you are not given the liberty of doing things the way you like. If this is the case then you should give it a thought to your relationship.
  • Long distance and no communication – when the two of you are in a relationship and you have absolutely no contact, then this is like living in a fairytale land, where you are just satisfied with the fact that you have a boyfriend or a girls friend, and not bothered as to what he or she is up to.
  • Give a breathing space to your partner– men face this problem a lot, their female partners always want them to be with them ALL THE TIME. Girls it is necessary to know that if you keep him tangled with you, he may not be able to tell you certain things, thinking that you might be hurt. So, don’t you think it is wise to let him go and enjoy with his friends and the expecting him to come back and tell you everything. Men hate it when a woman interferes in his work beyond a certain limit, which I am very sure that even you wouldn’t like if he did the same, so put yourself into his shoes and then see the scenario.But guys if you want to enjoy your freedom make sure even you have the same attitude towards your partner, let her free with her friends, and everytime when she talks to another guy you don’t have to feel in secured, don’t you trust her, don’t you think she has the best man with her, who can be compared to no one else. So be open minded the two of you and let each other have peace of mind, rather than shouting at the pitch of your voices and going insane.
  • You don’t talk much – many people be it a woman or a man hold their tongues about matters which bother them all the time. Such things keep on accumulating in your mind and when on the day it breaks it can break the bond between the two of you. Please make it a habit, of speaking things that bother the two of you about each other, this kind of flexibility is expected between the two of you when you are in a relationship. Many at times, you might end up saying “if you do not know as to why i’m going mad, and then i’m certainly not speaking up”. Such things do not help you in a great way, instead irritates your partner all the more, after all he or she cannot get inside you mind and find out matters so have this habit of speaking up whenever you feel you should, else this might lead to the death of a relationship.
  • You are afraid of breaking up – no one in a flourishing relationship is afraid of breaking up. But in case you are, you feel that insecurity then that is a big warning sign that things are going on the wrong track. This depicts lack of trust and self confidence, you do not regard yourself as capable of being owned by some else, you don’t feel that there is any reason for someone to be with you. You lose your self esteem, when you think that sooner or later your partner shall find someone else and leave you. You don’t have to appear happy always in a relationship, which you feel is not working for you, you some day or the other have to back out when you feel that there is nothing more that you can do to save it.
  • You’re dependant – if you depend on your partner for your financial need and you also expect him/her to take an initiative whenever you people end up fighting, then i must tell you that there is a limit to which one can take things. Here now the pressure is on your partner to put in every effort possible, and fill all that is missing, moreover if you expect that your partner shall bring everything to the relationship while you sit back and enjoy, then you are terribly mistaken, such relationships have never existed.
  • You never fight – a healthy and a good argument is necessary, when you partner is irritated while you people are into an argument you will come to know his or her thought process, and when you feel this is not right, some time when you both are relaxing you can make them understand as to how and what it should be, but put up your point as a suggestion and not as an order.


You can either seek out an answer from you conflicting relationship as to why do you and you partner fight and find a solution to it, OR you can simply resign yourself to the failure of the relationship.

Failure shall not always mean that you break up, and those who feel that they shall not find anyone better if they break up, then please rather than concentrating on the relationship problem peep into your inner self and develop yourself as a person of self esteem first.

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