8 Tips on How to Get Rid of the Loneliness!

For some people, it’s too difficult to deal with the situations when they feel lonely. For others it’s a quite common affair to tackle the same situation. Many people don’t realize that there are many reasons which can make anyone lonely, and frankly we all do sometimes feel the loneliness.

I still remember the day when my parents left me alone for my education purpose, and I became lonely. It happens with almost every second people in the world. For some people many life events can be the reason for the loneliness, while for some it can be a social or psychological problem as well.

Many people feel the situation due to a breakup in their relationships. For some divorce can bring the feelings of loneliness, though in my opinion these are some of the temporary reasons behind the feelings of loneliness.

The toughest situation to deal with is the loneliness caused due to the death of an important person in our life. This is too hard to tackle with, but if we can divert our mind properly, we can easily recover from the situation.

Dear friends, always remember that the loss of anything is always a loss, and you cannot be able to retrieve it again, but we will have to compromise with many things to live a happy life.

How to Get Rid of the Loneliness!

8 Tips on How to Get Rid of the Loneliness!

Understanding the Reasons of Loneliness

We are Not Alone

Frankly, we all experience the same sometime in our life. It actually doesn’t mean that something is wrong inside us only. Why do we feel the same that it’s our own mistake?

Frankly speaking, loneliness is a very common thing in our life. Whenever we go through some life transitions, we are bound to face the same. It’s not like that you are living alone and then only you can feel the loneliness. Ask me, I faced the loneliness when I was with my love, while we changed our residence.

This step was made for the betterment of our life, but we too faced the loneliness, it’s because we shifted to a completely new atmosphere, while we were use to of living our life at some other place.

Well my point is that we should understand the actual reason behind the feeling. If we are changing something in our life, such as changing the job, changing the home, exploring new alternatives for our life, etc. we are bound to face the loneliness situation. Don’t bother about them.

Understand the Differences between Loneliness and Solitude

One of my female friends is living alone from last few years, but she doesn’t have any problem with it. Actually there is a very slight difference between the feelings of loneliness and solitude state.

You should understand that there are many people in this world who are really happy to be alone, and they are in the situation of solitude. They are not experiencing the feelings of loneliness. Loneliness is the condition in which you become unhappy with the feeling of being single.

How to Deal with Loneliness

Fortunately loneliness is a not a big problem to deal with. There are so many ways to get rid of the situation. Here are a few ways through which you can deal with the loneliness:

Listening to Others

If you are also feeling the problem of loneliness, start listening to others instead of talking with them. You will feel better. You can come out of the loneliness situation if you can draw people out from the similar type of situation.

Listening to Others

Listening to Others

Helping others to fight the same situation always helps us to recover from it.

Get Together

Day before I was roaming with my 5 months old daughter. Out of sudden one strange guy came to us and starts negotiating with me about my little angel.

I am sure it helped him out from the loneliness condition. To deal with the lonely situations we should start interacting with the people we know (if we hesitate to talk to strangers). Human contact is something which is essential to come out from the loneliness situation.

Spend Time with Family

Family is the place which can always help you to come out from any difficult situations of your life. I have understood one thing in my life is that, no matter what situation you are dealing with, whenever you will spend time with your family, you won’t ever feel the loneliness.

If your family is too far, you can spend time with some known family as well. Frankly, spending time with kids can help you to overcome from the lonely situation in a very good manner.

Join a Community

Sometimes it also helps. When you join a community you will get the chance to discuss with different people, and you will not have to face the problem of loneliness anymore.

You can also prefer the online communities for it. Only concerns with online communities are that most of the profiles out there are fake. Otherwise you can anytime discuss your situation with likeminded people in the world of web, and you can get great solutions for it.

Get Involved with Activities You Love

There was a time when I was studying and at times I was feeling too bore with the loneliness situation. I use to prefer to go out and play some games like cricket or badminton with some unknown people out there in sports ground and I usually came out of the situation.

You can anytime join some activities which you always think to do. You can join some play school, dancing school, or some sports league as well. You can also volunteer for some social cause as well.

Get Involved with Activities You Love

Get Involved with Activities You Love

There is one concern also with this idea. Many people think that they can be able to meet new people or make friends after attending any function. Actually expecting a lot can sometimes harm you as well. Don’t expect much; rather always try to enjoy the moment which you are living. You will be happy.

Reading Books

As I mentioned in past as well, that reading books is one of the finest activities which can pull you out from loneliness and depression. I News India already mentioned many reading benefits, but frankly, reading books, is something which can always take you to a different world.

Reading Benefits

Reading Benefits of Books!

Do Things Yourself

I have noticed one thing that mainly we do miss the activities which we participated in the past. We generally don’t miss the people with whom we spent some fantastic time, rather we miss the activities like date, watching movies, dinner, etc. which we spent with them.

So in my opinion we should try to repeat the same activities, but this time don’t take anyone with you, rather go alone for it. I know for many of you it will look awkward, but instead of asking someone for a movie, and hearing a No for it, it is always better to go for the movie all alone.

I have realized one thing in my life, whenever we will feel lonely, no one will come ahead to bring you out from the situation, rather they will start ignoring you. So it is better to do those activities all alone, and enjoy the life in a more positive manner.

My dear friends, always learn to be happy with yourself only, you will realize that many new people are coming with you, as mostly people prefer people who are positive in nature, confident and enjoys the life in all the way.


If none of the above points works with you, I am sure that this last point will definitely work for you. You should opt for getting a pet for yourself. If you are feeling too lonely, a pet at your home is one of the finest solutions for it.

Adopt Pets!

Adopt Pets!

Always remember that adopting a pet is a very small decision but a very tough one too. Be always ready to face the daily challenges associated with the caring for the pets. Try to be a responsible pet owner.


I hope the above mentioned tricks can help you to come out from the situation of loneliness. The major challenges or hurdle while coming out from the loneliness situation is that you will have to take the initiative from your own only. No one will approach towards you to take you out from the situation, rather as I said above people will start ignoring you only.

Always remember, while coming out from the lonely situation, it is you who want to make a place in someone others life, which is not that much easy. It requires patience. Also read my blog on Patience – The Secret behind a Happy Life, it can be useful at this situation.

It’s not true that a person who is in crowd cannot be lonely. It is quite common that one can be lonely in crowd as well. I have realized this thing that many times we feel lonely, while we are staying with a very lovely and caring family. It is our own responsibility to approach towards the happiness, rather to wait for some things to happen.

Always try to create and possess a positive approach towards your life.


I have seen a trend these days. People rely on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to come out from loneliness situation. But in my honest opinion if you are feeling lonely, you should avoid using the social media websites for a few hours. Some people out there have the tendency to make fun of the people and it can even harm you deep inside.

Other that these, if you are feeling loneliness frequently and by anyway you are not coming out of it, I would suggest you to take medical help, as it can be the sign of depression and can harm you further.

How did you like the blog? I am eagerly waiting for your feedback on it. Kindly comment on below form to let me know about your response for the same.

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