Top 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick at Work Place!

These days weather is changing continuously, thus influencing the health of the people badly. It is the same dreaded time, which insists us to remain protected from common flu and cold, cough, fever etc. But we cannot.

From last one week or more, I am seeing people sneezing and coughing at our work place. Even I am also suffering from cold and cough. I was just wondering if I can write something on the tips which can help us to stop the flow of common diseases at the work places. Thus I decided to write this blog.

Why Flu

The most common way of spreading the flu is through others. I might get infected from someone else, while I might also infect a few people at my own work place.

We mainly spend most of our time at our work place, thus chances of catching the flu from a colleague is too high.


The easiest way to stop the flu to spread at the work place is that the infected people could stay at home and take rest, but it is not possible practically.

We can also have a bottle of hand sanitizer for each of us at our work place, but in my honest opinion this is also not an up to the mark solution of the spreading of the flu.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick at Work Place!

So what can we do to stop the flow of the common diseases at the work place? Here are a few tips which can help you:

Using Common Courtesy

Displaying common courtesy at the work place is like applying common senses, but it is a common thing to forget that if we are sick then others might also get affected because of it. Once we forget this, we also avoid exercising the common courtesy at the work places.

The most common example is that, while we are sneezing or coughing, we can cover our mouth to avoid spreading the disease. We can use tissue papers, or handkerchiefs to cover our mouth.

In case of emergency you can also use your own hand to cover your mouth, but in my opinion it is not the best practice to use, you should have either a handkerchief with you, or you can have a few tissue papers with you.

In case if you used your hand to cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing, you should immediately wash your hand and continue your work. Thus it won’t affect your colleagues.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

One of the most common mistakes which we normally do at our work place is of not having the clean workspace. This is very much required.

But yes, it is always easier said than done. We can say it easily but we cannot do it. There are a few things which come in contact with different people at our work place, and those are the prime way to spread the flu. Let me give you an example, anyone can touch our keyboard, or mouse, and even our keys as well, so we can also get affected from touching the same things, which can have the viruses.

Thus, the best way is that you should have a wipe with you, through which you can clean your office accessories at times. You can clean your keyboard, mouse, phone, desk space, keys, etc. with the help of this wipe, so that others can also touch it safely.

Avoid Touching Your Face

This is common human tendency that we touch our face on a regular interval. During flu session it becomes vital. We cannot even realize that we are doing this, and spreading the germs of the flu.

Thus when we touch our face, the germs got transferred to our hands and when we touch something else or someone else, it got transferred to the same as well.

So the easiest tip to stop the spreading of the germs during flu session is to avoid touching the face. Though I know it is the easiest to forget as well :)

You can also read the article written by Ayushi Nagpal on how to protect yourself during the flu session?

Wash Your Hands

So far we have realized that our hand is the carrier of the viruses. Thus it is quite important that we should always wash our hand.

I normally prefer washing my hands before eating anything, or after using the washrooms, and after blowing my nose. Even after eating anything I prefer to wash my hands, rather than wiping the hand with a tissue. So I would also suggest the same to everyone.

You can also have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you, so that you can use the same to clean your hands frequently.

Keep Distance

Every office is sure to have people who are always coughing, sneezing, and claiming that they are down with cold. If you cannot maintain a safe distance from them, you will also fall in the same category very soon.

For an instance, you can limit yourself from shaking hands with those types of people. You should always proceed with some caution. I am not saying that you should ignore those people completely; rather you should apply some caution while interacting with them.


Becoming sick from others is quite easy at offices, but it is our duty to protect ourselves from the same. You know your body and its limits, thus it is you who primarily require securing it. If you are feeling that your body is not allowing you to continue your work, you should return to your home and take some rest. You are also suppose to review the sick policies of your company so that you can utilize the same and help others to not get affected from your disease.

Maintaining a hygienic workplace is certainly a challenge for all of us, but I am sure with the help of the above tips you can avoid getting sick at the work places. If you have some other suggestions for how to maintain a hygienic workplace, you are always welcome to share the same with our readers in the form of the comment.

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