Tips For Women To Protect Themselves Against Atrocities!

Women protection is an issue which has come in to light all the more since the time the “gang-rape” case took place in the capital city of India, New Delhi. The victim was raped by six men turn by turn and was left devastated on the roads in the chilling winter night. The sight was terrifying said the onlookers, her body was cold and nude, still there was no one to cover her with a piece of cloth, being scared of the fact that they might also get involved in the police case.

This was not the only case that happened in the country. There have been cases against women, regarding:

  1. Rape
  2. Molestation
  3. Eve-teasing
  4. Stalking
  5. Dowry

These are the cases which are very common in the country now-a-days, get highlighted only when a group of people raise their voice against such crimes. Women have to learn to protect their integrity and also learn to protect ways and revolt against any such case that happen to them.

Learning self-defense for women is important especially for those who have to venture outside all by themselves. These days it is a must for women to have proper tools in their reach so that they are able to protect themselves and not just give up in front of their attacker. But sometimes when prevention fails, the only way left out is to fight back, that is “self-defense”.

Tips For Women To Protect Themselves Against Atrocities!

We shall put up certain ways and means in which a woman can protect herself against any danger that she feels is approaching her, so here are a few ways.

  • In case you are one of those who cannot indulge into physical fight, or are less active can carry “pepper spray” with them all the time. Even when you sense a little danger around you, one should be ready for his/her defense. Pepper sprays are very common among girls who are use to travelling alone and usually have a night shift in their jobs. One can also carry some pointed weapons with them like a small paper cutter, sharp pointed needled things etc.
  • A woman should ideally stop passing through such streets which are dimly lighted and have undesired men (roadside creeps) standing in large groups, because some day or the other such a woman comes into their notice. Therefore avoid passing through any such lanes or secluded parks, where the attackers can have an easy prey on them which mainly happens in small and congested streets.
  • Therefore try and pass from such areas where there are other passersby visible and the area which is properly lighted.
  • Have another active partner with you whenever you move out of you house. Even a dog can be of a great help. They are extra protective and warn you of the approaching danger.
  • In case you are a party freak and you usually do not listen to your parents or elders when they say that you’ve got to be extra cautious, have a good group of friends’ especially male friends who will protect you in case there is any kind of danger which is likely to harm you.
  • Women are advised to take Tae Kwon Do or Karate classes in their free time, so that in time of atrocity they are not helpless and are capable of protecting themselves and also are able to fight back.
  • Another point which should be noted by women is that they should avoid wearing exposing or half naked clothes, men say that they get excited when they see women wearing such clothes, somewhere even this is a fact, so girls if you want to stay protected in this country you should prefer wearing clothes that are decent and authentic. One can prefer wearing trendy and exposing clothes only when they are with family or any other company where they feel they are safe.
  • Women have good intuition power, it is true when people say that women are blessed with the extra sense that is the “sixth sense”. They can actually feel the situation which can follow soon. If they sense that the situation for them for any near one can be risky, than it can be or it really happens. So lend an ear to your intuition too.
  • As we are all aware of the harassment that women and girls are facing these days. In such a situation women are advised to keep long nails, such that anyone who attacks you, you should be able to scratch the face of your attacker, such that you get the DNA remains in your fingers which can be of a great help in the near future, and moreover with this you can even fight back the attacker, thus reducing his grip on you.
  • Some women have this habit of consuming alcohol and get drunk, when they are not able to control themselves and can easily fall prey to any man then and there. The future circumstances might be shocking for the victim, therefore avoid consuming alcohol, and have it only when you feel that you are with safe company.
  • Taking self defense classes is no shame, many women feel shy while they take self-defense classes, especially elderly ladies which are attacked by muggers for chain snatching or purse snatching. Most of the women are easy targets of such hooligans. Therefore feel free to take an action against your harassment.

We all are still very safe and have no idea as to how much can the world be cruel to us, moreover the Delhi rape case has been proved to be the icing on the cake. Therefore the only possible way is to defend yourself against such terrors, which could be through means of:

  • Martial arts,
  • Stun guns,

Therefore keep yourself protected and be aware whenever you are alone.

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