Is It A Boy Or A Girl!

When a woman gets pregnant, relatives device their own way of finding out the sex of a child. Most of them happen to be myths and bear no resemblance with science. Check out a few false teachings passed on from generation to generation.

Salty or Sweet?

It is very common to hear the older people saying that if you have cravings for sweet then you will have a girl and if you crave for salty stuff, you are going to have a boy. There is no truth attached with such a statement. It is natural to crave for certain things during pregnancy and this is just a common phenomena that has no hand in letting out the gender of the child.

String and the ring

I actually find this thing quite funny. Holding a ring in a string around your belly can never determine the sex of a child but as myths go on it is said that if it moves in a circle, you are going to have a girl whereas if it moves to and fro, you will have a boy.

Carrying high or low

If you are carrying high then you will have a baby girl and if you are carrying low then you are going to have a baby boy. Such a thing does not exist and has no scientific stand.

Is It A Boy Or A Girl!

Dad’s weight

Now there are certain places where the weight of Dad determines the sex of the child. According to this myth if the father is gaining too much weight, his wife will bore him a boy whereas if his weight remains more or less constant, the couple will have a girl.

Heart Rate

This is another myth that is believed by a lot of people. If the baby’s heart beat rate is over 140, it is a girl child otherwise it is a boy. Nothing like this can help you know about the gender of your child. You will have to wait for nine months to known if there’s a fairy or a teddy in store for you.

Swollen nose

A very common myth is swelling of mother’s nose indicates a girl child. It has no link with science and swelling of nose takes place because of increased estrogen levels.

Shape of your face

This is another myth that keeps moving around everywhere. They say that the fullness of your face can help predict the gender of the baby. How can one say that a full and round face be that of a girl? Funny as it may sound but there are many who believe in this even after being well aware that it has no connection with science.

Morning Sickness

According to this myth, if you suffer morning sickness throughout your pregnancy, you will have a baby girl whereas if you have little or no morning sickness you are expected to have baby boy. This is absolutely false. Morning sickness is associated with hormones and has no relation with the gender of your baby.

So the next time you are bugged up with such stupid points, just laugh them off as myths. Enjoy your period of pregnancy with no tensions.

Good Luck

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