Myths About Pregnancy!

Getting the news about being a parent is the most joyous moment for any couple. In fact, being a mother is regarded as the best part of your existence as a woman. As first timers, couples often take to reading a lot of literature on pregnancy but with all this come a good amount of myths passed on from ages through neighbors  aunties and every relative who thinks to be our well wisher. Well, of course experience does matter but it isn’t necessary that every advice given to you by the society people may be actually true. No mother would like to take a risk with their child and hence follows everything that she is told. Here are some myths which you almost took as facts.

The full moon phase

This is one of the biggest myth moving around everywhere. According to this, more women go into laborie during the full moon phase. Such kind of a thing does not exist and absolutely absurd and illogical.

Sleeping on your back

Very often it is heard that pregnant women should not sleep on their back since it would hurt the baby more. None of your sleeping position is going to harm your baby although sleeping on your side is preferred. Doctors suggest sleeping on the left sides as it increases the flow of blood from the uterus to the placenta.

Myths About Pregnancy!

Pregnant woman must eat for two

When a girl becomes pregnant, she is asked to eat for two people. No sort of a scientific statement exists like this. A child requires just 300 calories more so all you need to add on to your daily diet is 300 calories. A protein filled diet would be preferable.

Spicier the food, more the labor

Almost every girl is asked to stay away from spicy food during pregnancy on the context of having more labor pains. Another myth attached with spices is that the child is going to cry more if you have chillies. This is absolutely false. You can eat as much spice you want to and it won’t increase your labor.

Having sex might hurt the baby

Intercourse cannot harm your baby until and unless your doctor has asked you to stay away from sex. Seven layers of skin protect your baby and under normal pregnancy, you are free to have sex without any tension in your mind about your baby.

Tight outfits

A friend of mine got married early and when she got pregnant recently her mother-in-law asked her to stop wearing tight pant as it would deform the baby. And believe me, this myth is moving around everywhere. You can wear whatever you want although loose clothes during this time are more comfortable.

If your mother has had a comfortable pregnancy then you will have it too

My sister-in-law was very worried about the same when she was going through pregnancy. She told me that her mother’s pregnancy had a lot of complications and she might have them too. When we consulted the doctor, she told us that lifestyle, diet and state of mind matter more than hereditary in figuring out the difficulties in pregnancy.

These were some common myths about pregnancy that we keep hearing on and oft. So the next time you hear any of these from someone, just laugh them off. It’s your time to enjoy your special moments, cherish them!

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