Habits to Keep Your Weight in Check!

Many of us who are in a habit of keeping a check on our eating habits tend to eat whatever we wish to and then further join gyms and other slimming centres to reduce weight and be in shape, but let me tell you that once you are in a habit of munching all the time and not keeping a regular check on your diet it might lead to obesity and many other problems related to fats in your body.

We all want well toned bodies, on the other hand we have those who are very particular about their diet, maintain a good physique, and visit gym daily for exercise and also keep a check on their eating habits and diet. Who doesn’t want to look good, we all try and ignore the “plus size” section in the stores. Losing weight makes us look good and attractive also keeps you away from obesity and related disorders. In case you are finding problems in reducing weights one can either take help of the pills or the gyms available near your house.

Habits to Keep Your Weight in Check!

Here are a few tips which can be of help so that you are able to control your weight:

  • Fast once a week – try going on a fast at least once a week. Moreover when you are not fasting always try to intake more and more of water. A liquid diet will surely help you to intake lesser calories. Fresh fruit juices, lemonade, loads of fresh fruits will never let you gain weight. Maintaining you weight only with help of juices will not do, workout every day, keep a balanced diet, and also never forget to take a good heavy breakfast. With a heavy breakfast one can easily avoid lunch or have anything which carries lesser calories. Try not ignoring fasting once a week, this will help you in being in shape.
  • Use stairs – one can prefer stairs over lift or escalator in the office. I know it’ll be a punishment for most of you early in the morning to climb stairs but when you do not work out in the morning, and still you don’t want to gain weight you will probably have to take the stairs. Taking stairs can be of help firstly, to wake you up from your slumber completely, and secondly, help you make your mind completely alert because soon you shall start working.
  • Look out for ways to stretch – sitting on the chair should not only mean a good nap for 5 minutes, instead whenever you feel tired sitting on the chair, caring taking a little walk in the passage, and a good chit chat with a few friends in the office, rather that sleeping on the desk with you head down. Keep a little apple handy whenever you move out of your cubical and prefer it over fried snacks and biscuits. Whenever you are at home on weekends, start jogging on the spot or go for squats or lunges, because the main idea is then to increase the heart beat level, which helps you burn more and more calories.
  • The small plate thing – instead of taking the biggest plate of all at home or any other place where you are invited you can go for the smallest plate. For the simple reason the smaller the size of the plate the smaller shall be the quantity of food that you will intake. Thus helping you intake lesser calories and maintaining a good diet. But this does not mean you always have to starve, have things in smaller quantity rather having food in bulk.
  • Are you a video game addict – whenever at home one must always avoid playing video games all the time, you gain a lot of fat plus you become idle and finally go off to sleep. Rather than doing this get up play some outdoor games, exercise, if nothing then just go out in the evening for a brisk walk with earphone tucked in.
  • Choose a sport for yourself – if you are not into sports at all, or you keep busy the entire day, I recommend you to take up a sport at least for every weekend. Even if you are not working out the entire day, weekend playing can help you a lot such that you are able to maintain a good check on your weight. Tennis, soccer, or cricket are such sports that one can easily play at home, it can either be played with your kids or friends with whomsoever you wish to, but make sure you play with interest or else with you are not interested in playing then you will soon get tired and lose interest and the weight management will also get stuck.
  • Chew every bite for at least 15 times – when you chew a bite till the time it is eligible to be digested it is then when you are actually chewing the morsel. This not only helps in keep your digestive system free of pressure but also helps you in eating lesser food. This is a good trick for those who really want to keep a good check on their weight.
  • Seek help from a dietitian – when you feel that you are unable to manage you weight in a better way; you can take assistance from an expert dietitian  Here, you might have to spend some good bucks but the make sure you get a good assistance like the one you wish for. Such an advice you can get, when you join a “health club”, there you might not have to spend too much on the fee, but if you wish to go for personal advice session, you may have to pay a handsome amount of money for that, but then the quality of advice shall be accordingly.

Choose any of the above tips you wish for, but then make sure you do not gain a lot of weight that you find it difficult to shed it. Weight gain can lead to heart stroke, when cholesterol becomes a barrier in the veins that carry blood to the heart, so these are a few tips in order to make you aware about the risks that can follow in case you are unable to maintain a check on your weight.

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