Diet You Should Follow After Gastric Bypass Surgery!

Your diet will go through a massive change after the Gastric bypass surgery. Your stomach gets reduced to a small pouch and you will have to eat food that the new stomach can digest. In order to ensure that you include all the essential nutrients in your new diet it is important to sit down with your doctor and chart a diet plan.

The following is the basic diet requirements you will have to follow after the gastric bypass surgery -

Liquid Diet

The first two days after your surgery you will not be allowed to eat or drink anything. This will ensure that your stomach gets adequate time to heal. After the first few days, you will have to start on a liquid diet. You will be asked to have milk, strained clear soup, fresh juice and gelatin. You will feel a little uncomfortable, but with time you will get used to the changes caused in your body. You are recommended never to drink while having food, as this will cause your stomach to fill up before you could eat your prescribed amount of food. Also give a gap of at least half an hour after a meal to drink any liquid. You should completely avoid carbonated drinks completely.

Semi Solid Diet

After you have consumed a liquid and semi liquid diet for a few weeks, you will be allowed to intake pureed and semi solid food. Your food should have a smooth paste consistency without any solid pieces. You can east fish, beans, ground lean meat, yoghurt, cheese, and soft fruits. You must always mix your food with liquids like broth or milk to create a smooth paste. If you feel like having spicy food, introduce these to your diet in very small quantities so that the body can get used to it.

Soft Solid Diet

Four weeks after surgery you can start introducing solid food into your diet. This food should however be soft as this will help you digest them properly. You can consume diced or minced soft meat, like chicken, fish, tofu, and vegetables cooked properly. Even though you can eat solid food now, avoid food like, popcorn, bread and nuts at this stage. These are difficult to digest and you may suffer from indigestion.

Normal Diet

Four, five months after your bypass surgery, you can start eating normal food. However be sure that your body can tolerate the type of food you are having. If you feel uncomfortable after consuming certain type of food, discontinue the food.

Following a strict diet during the healing process will help you get well soon. Keep in mind that you will have to take proper supplements for your vitamins and minerals so that you do not suffer from deficiencies. You can always rely on bariatric diet to make up for your deficiencies. Regularly check with your doctor to ensure that you are following a proper diet and that your body is responding well and is on its path to speedy recovery.

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