How To be A Good Parent!

So that’s the point in your life, where you find yourself and your family in the state of completeness. You, are overjoyed with excitement .The eyes of your newly born child, brings a smile on your face. And in those, eyes you have also seen a dream, a dream to see your child as the best person in the world, when he/she grow up. You have a collage of dream mounding in your mind and heart for your child. You wish your child reach those heights which actually you could not.

But in order to see your child as a responsible person, you would first have to become a responsible Parent. Here are some parenting tips, for you, which would surely help you to make yourself a good and a responsible parent:

When your child is a small baby

This is the time when a parent needs to take the utmost care of the baby. The kind of environment and care that is provided to the baby during this age, counts a lot in overall development of the child.

Proper Diet Requirement: At this age, a child should be given proper mashed food, which must contain vegetable extracts; also the child should be given food in small quantities at least 5, 6 times a day.

Minimize liquid Loss: If the child is born in summers, then Loss of Liquid would lead to, Diarrhea and may even kill the child in extreme case. So it should be ensured that the child gets the liquid in a proper way. These may include, breast milk, Dal water, Rice water and if the loss is in a larger amount, then ORS (Oral Rehydration Solvent) must be given to the child.

Immunization: The child must be given proper immunizations, before the competition of his/her first year. Also, when the child reaches an age of one and a half years, boosters should be given to the child. This would protect the child from the disastrous diseases not only when he’s small but for his entire life.

Take cough and cold seriously: If the child is suffering from cough and cold, it must be taken seriously and should be consulted with a doctor, because, during cough and cold the child might be suffering from fever.

After illness: An illness deprives the growth of a child, so after illness, a child must be taken extra care and should be given extra meal in order to recover the lost growth.

Proper weight: The weight of the child should be noted every month, if for any month, there is no gain in child’s weight or there is sudden loss in weight, the doctor must be consulted.

Sleep: Babies, have different sleeping patterns, and no babies would sleep for the entire night, so it is necessary that you modify your sleeping times according to the baby.

Crying: A baby usually cries when, he is feeling hungry. But when he’s in pain, he/she cries, loudly and sharply. If a baby do not stops, crying even after being fed, he/she is in a problem and must be taken care of.

Talk with the Baby: You should try to talk with the baby. Babies, often make various types of sounds. The parent should try to play sound games with the babies, for example, the, parent utters a sound and the baby repeats it. Try, to talk, to baby. He/she would try to understand what you are trying to speak. Play, with your baby, ASAP, try to cover his mouth, and then laugh or other things.

Play with your baby: Always remember one thing; the child’s parents are the best playmates for the baby. So do play with your baby as much as possible. The best play games for babies are baby toys. Also, babies, play by, taking things in their mouth, by touching. You should making the things of daily routine like, changing, bathing and feeding of the child more and more playful.

Protection: During the early age, it is must to protect your child. Child can get affected to diseases, so proper care must be taken so as to keep the surroundings as clean as possible. Also, parents must be aware of the toys that child is playing. You should ensure, that, the toy with which child plays, must not be, bought from an open shop or the toy vendors at railway station or other places. Since, these are kept in a dirty environment, they may contain various type of germs, babies, takes everything in their mouth, and this in-turn can effect child’s health.

How To be A Good Parent

The pre schooling age of the child

The second important stage in a child’s life is his pre schooling age, when the child age is between three to four years. At this age you can often see your child doing something or the other. There mind is more active and they are very eager to do and know new things. They are notorious and more obstinate and try to argue over small things. In this age, you need to take care of your child, because this is the most sensitive period for the child’s development.

Child’s Eating Habits: Children during this age has unusual eating habits. They want to eat something that they love to; they love to eat the things that are actually shown in television advertisements. Most of them dislike eating vegetables or drinking milk and other nutritious things. Parent must not force the child at this age to eat the things that they do not like; instead they should try reverse psychology.

Sleeping hours: During this age, the sleeping hours of child become quite normal and they sleep for normal times, as that required by a normal human being. Since, at this age, the child tends to keep himself busy all through the day, they usually get tired and go off to sleep, by later half of the evening.

Values: Since, this is the age of growing for any child, so the parent must teach some values, some principles to the child. Also, the child, would, have a impact, of, the environment that is around him, he would behave, as the people around him would do.

Provide an entertaining environment: In this age, you should, move out with your child for outings and street walks, so that they come more and more close to you and in turn respect whatever you say, not only for the present day but for the entire life.

Teach the child: Parents must teach few basic, pre schooling things to their child, such as, alphabets, numbers and few shapes. This would help them to get prepared for initial schooling life in a better way.

Schooling Days and Teen age

In the beginning of the schooling days, a child would not be comfortable in the school. He would feel lonely in the school and would try everything not to be to school. At, this, age, you need to be playful to the child but you also have to be strict. The child gets introduced to various new things and a newer environment so they may fall to many wrong things. So, the child must have s little fear of you, before getting involved in something bad.

Encourage for school: You should encourage your child for going to school every day. This can be done, by telling them interesting things related to school. Once, the child gets himself into the social environment of the school. He would start loving his school.

Try to get emotionally closer to the child: Since the child is in a different environment, he would get to know, several new things. You should try to get emotionally closer, to your child, so that he/she tells you about every single detail, of whatever he/she is doing.

Try to get in touch with child’s school and teachers: Since, the child spent most of their time in school, with the teacher, so you should be in contact with your child’s teacher. By, this you would get to know about your child’s activities.

Do not force them: Try to build up a joyful environment, for your child, where there should be a proper balance, for studies, play and all other necessary activities. Do, not force them to study all the day. Try, to teach your child by playful means and in an easy understanding manner.

Encourage for outdoor Games: These days children gets more attracted to video games , I-pods and computer games rather then moving out for outdoor games. This affects their eyes as well as their personal health. Instead children should be encouraged to play outdoor games. Get, outdoor sports material for them, like cricket Bat or Foot ball and they would surely get interested to those rather than playing inside.

When the child reaches Adolescence: This is the age of the child when he/she, is most vulnerable to everything. He has now get enough information about the world, the environment around them and many things else. He tends to do wrong things. At this age you should be most supportive and caring for your child. You must not be angry, on him/her, if you found him involve in wrong things. Remember, there might be many things that may be wrong, according to you but they won’t be wrong according to them. Remember, there is a difference between the environment you were in, during your child hood and, the one your child is having at present.

Be an idol for them: If you want your child to have a good overall development then be an idol for your child. Do not give even a chance to point out at you. Many times, there are parents, who have few habits, like smoking and drinking, they do the same but do not want their child to do so. This should not be the case. If you want something from your child, first make sure that you are not indulged into the same.

Discuss with your child: In the growing age, you need to discuss some important things with your child, those things which otherwise your child would feel shy to discuss about. Try to build a light environment, where a child can easily discuss, his physical, mental as well as emotional problems.

Every parent wants his child to be a good individual, responsible citizen and a motivating person, but for that, you would have to be a Good parent. These parenting tips would surely help you to deal with your child in a better way at different age levels.

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