How to Recover From a Break Up?

So that’s the chapter of your life, when suddenly, you are left with nothingness, you are left in a state of sudden shock and nothing across you seems to give you a vehement support. You feel like losing everything, whatever you have with yourself. You feel, agitated, you feel yourself as the most unlucky person in the world. You feel as if you have lost everything.

You find each and everything around you, worthless. That’s just because the biggest dream of your life has shattered.

You are left depressed. Your cell phone appears to be the most irritating thing for you.

You want yourself, to be alone, to lie all the time just doing nothing.

That is the state of breakup, a sudden and unpredictable loss in your life.

It is never easy when a relationship ends up. A breakup just brings all kinds of bad things in mind. You lose your routine, and responsibilities, your home, your relationships with family and friends, and even your identity.

But in such a situation, you must understand one thing; this is not the end of life. Though it is very difficult to strand back the life into same module as it was going, before, but unless we do not do that, we can’t move ahead in life.

How to Recover From a Break Up?

There are several things that can be involved in your diary of life, so that you can easily recover from your breakup:

  • Be patient: The most important thing that is required in the situation of havoc is that you need to be patient enough. In the state of breakup a person feels that the world has reached an end. You feel it hard to control yourself, your daily routine comes to a pause and you are left with nothing at all.
  • Share yourself: Whenever a person suffers from breakup. He/ She are in the state of pain, a pain which cannot be healed by any medicine. But the pain always decreases, when we talk to the people who are closer to us. We should share ourselves more and more to them. It may be a person from our family or any of our friends. If you would share yourself, then those people would surely try to motivate you and talk to you on other topics. They would help to boost up your confidence.
  • Do not Lose your Identity: Do not forget that you are an individual of your community and your society and you have your own individuality. Do not, lose, what you are. Do remember, that there are many things in the world made just for you. You should not forget that, every person, who has his/her own identity is recognized in the society.
  • Believe on yourself: In the state of breakup often people, forget that, it is they who have made their life, and not the person whom you have suffered a break up. In the conditions of breakup, person usually feels that there is nothing left in the world for them and they lose their self hope and belief. But, do not forget the fact, it is you who have made your life, it is you who have built up your career and it is you who can move yourself out of the present situation and renovate your life.
  • Set up small Goals and time frame: Break up effects your work; it becomes really difficult to concentrate on your work. You fail to achieve the required success in the field of your career or your job, and you might be the point of question. Thus, you should built up small goals and set up a fixed time frame for each goal. This would help not only to work efficiently and effectively but would serve you a continuity in your work, which would in-turn boost up your confidence.
  • Identify new interests: Every person of the world has some interests, which are actually hidden deep in their heart but cannot move out to their fullest. This might happen because of the present scenario, situation or a person who was in your life. So, try to rethink and excavate out the hidden interests within you, work for it. This would make you believe on yourself and give a space for the bad past to move out of your life.
  • Do not think about the past: After having a break-up, the most painful thing is that we cannot forget the memories and the memories affect our life, our work and our status in the society. Whenever we think of the beautiful moments of the past and compare it with our fruitless presence, we become sad, gets distressed and depressed and that distracts us from our life and our work.
  • Have faith in al-mighty: Do not lose faith in the creator of this world, God, the almighty. People, in the worst scenarios of the life, loses there trust and God and begun to say, that God is nothing and they stop believing there God. But, if you are in a bad situation today, the God would surely move you out of it.
  • Consult a Doctor: In case that you feel that you are not able to move out your present state and are not able to overcome your depression do consult a psychiatrist. Because, depression is the point in our life, from where we start ruining our lives. So, never get depressed, live your dreams.
  • Do not hurt your self esteem: After the breakup, you might be left in the most stressful situation of your life, but do not let your self esteem goes away. This is because, if you will have confidence in you, only you would tend to respect people and their work and only then the people around you would in turn respect you.
  • Give space to yourself: In the situation of breakup, try to free yourself as much as you could Do, whatever you wish to do. Even at times you feel to cry, do that, but not in presence of anyone else.
  • Don’t show your weakness: After having a breakup, you may feel that you are weak, but you should not show you weakness to people, otherwise the world might exploit you in a wrong way.
  • Move ahead with life: The key element in our life is to move up. There are many, bitter truths in our life, which are a part of everyone’s life. There are many challenges in your life from where it is difficult to rise up. But, you move up from all of them. Similarly in the state of breakup you should move up in life, so as to renovate, regenerate and recreate your life, love, passion and dreams.

After reading and following these points in your life style, you would surely be able to gain your identity, confidence and most importantly , yourself….!!!! DO REMEMBER, IT IS YOU…

AND YOUR LIFE….Make it…!!Built it…sparks it…!!Glow it….!!

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