Some Worst Female Health Habits!

Women are said to be fickle minded but still there are certain things that you can rely on. There’s no doubt about it, that we are prettier than you, even though if it’s a Saturday, we smell great and are always vitalized. There might be certain things about us that drive you out of your minds that we are not ready to give up. But still when you are going crazy for some other reason, other than because of your wives, girlfriends, mothers or sister or any other female relative of yours, we are the ones who get you back to your original state of mind. We and our habits shall never change, you cannot live without us, and therefore the only thing left to do is to change your reactions towards the way we react.

Women will always be women, some of them like to party hard, while some prefer staying back at home and enjoy their lunch with family, and many have the habit of boozing, while some are happy with the evening tea. Women all over the globe can never be the same; they have different habits and different lifestyles. There are women who even have awful habits because of which they suffer throughout their lives.

Here is a list of some habits in women which is harmful for their health and the body both.

Passion for high heels

Matching heels with the colour of the dress is the outlook for most of the women, who believe in quality lifestyle. Many women, who are of a short height, prefer wearing heels rather than wearing platforms or flats. Undoubtedly heels make the attire look great, provided carried with grace, but at the same time high heels, become a nuisance for ladies once it starts affecting her posture, that puts pressure on her joints and can lead to health problems such as tendon injuries, back pain, arthritis and many others.

Passion for High Heels

High heels can be worn occasionally, but one must avoid wearing it on a regular basis. Doctors say that ladies and girls must limit the heel to just 1.5 inches and not more than that, insoles must be preferred so as to help and reduce pressure on the joints.

Carrying handbags which are heavy

Most of the women have the habit of carrying every possible thing in their handbags, from make-up kits to mobile phones, they have it all. They prefer keeping things with them which they might require instantly. As the technology is advancing, there are gadgets which are growing in number, and women love them all, from mobile, to I-pods and the very recent one, the I-pad.

Carrying Handbags

Women carry weight of several pounds on their body everyday without being aware of the fact that this can lead to several health problems. A serious neck pain affects their spinal cord, which can lead to undesired consequences. Ladies, do not wait for the time till the damage has already been done. Try to cut down the non- essential stuff from your handbags and move around freely.

Sleeping with your make-up on

Women love make-up, many of them have this notion that make-up makes them look younger, while others think make-up as another face for them, which gives them a new and a better look which they desire to have. Applying make-up is not bad, but sleeping with make-up on, or applying it for longer hours can damage your skin cells and it won’t be too long before you are left out with a dull skin. Deprived of natural look. One should always be careful while using make-up products. Firstly, go for trusted BRANDS, rather than picking up random stuff which might contain harmful contents which are sure to damage your skin. Secondly, always keep a check on the manufacturing date .

Sleeping with make-up has its own consequences, wherein the oil which is secreted by the skin naturally mixes with the dirt and the make-up particles, leading to clogged pores of the skin,which in turn denies them from oxygen, resulting in pimples, dark spots, appear on the skin. Sleeping with mascara or similar products can cause infection in the eyes thus, leading to blood shots eyes.

Using the brazier which is of wrong size

Brassier when worn of the wrong size not only leads to ill- shape of the breast, but also in extreme cases lead to breast cancer, which now-a-days is very common among women. A proper mode of measurement should be used, so to know the exact size of the breast, for ease and proper health in future. Make sure the size that you choose is the apt one, because a wrong size of your brazier can cause back pain, neck pain, breathing difficulties and even irritation in the surrounding area. Special care should be taken in case of young growing girls between the age group of 12 to 20 years; their brazier size should be carefully measured. Therefore, rather than guessing your breast size, its better and convenient to measure it once and be relaxed and assured for future years, definitely your bust size shall vary in the upcoming years, this should make you little more aware that it’s now time for you to change your brazier.

Women drinking habits

Many women and girls have a perception that they are capable enough of competing with men in every sphere. This very true to an extent, but when it comes to matching with their drinking habits with that of men, is one point where they should probably think of stepping down, not for the sake of someone else, but for your own self.

Women Drinking Habits

Undoubtedly men have more capacity to take in alcohol than women can. Internally, a woman’s body is delicate and it can support the intake of alcohol to an extent, but when this limit exceeds, then the body may start reacting to it abnormally. Many women drink due to depression, some out of being joyous and the rest have it occasionally. Women have to bear children; alcohol consumption in extreme can reduce or completely impede a woman’s ability to conceive.

Therefore to avoid the repercussions of consumption of alcohol, one can switch to mocktails and other flavoured non- alcoholic drinks.

Stress and depression

Feeling low and depressed is a part and parcel of one’s life. If you live in a society, with people of different temperament and behaviour, then mood swings and that sulky feeling is sure to come, but resorting to alcohol under such situations hoping that it would help parking the problem might have its own ill effects. Nevertheless, the temporary sense of relief by putting your brain off might make one addicted to alcohol.

A women being a homemaker, often she is worried about the dwelling reasons, in case she and her family have no permanent place to live in. There may be several such reasons. Broken relationships being the most common among girls. Reason being too much indulgence in such relationships where they know that there cannot be future and when such a relationship is on the verge of break up, girls get upset, actually much more than “just being upset”, which often leads to depression.

Obsessive over appearance

Women are seriously concerned about their appearance when compared to men. This insecurity of not being perfect makes them do such weird acts which are not safe for them and can have long term side effects.

Cosmetic surgery is one such act. This may or may not yield proper results. Being over conscious about looks and not being satisfied with their appearance makes women change the way they look, hence pushing them into depression or making them do weird acts.

Lack of sleep and adequate rest

A woman is known to handle several responsibilities coherently and simultaneously, beginning from getting their children ready for school to getting ready herself for work. At the same time, during that short span she has to prepare lunch for the family and pack Tiffin. After coming back from work she cannot call it a day rather her day comes to an end late at night when all other members of the family are asleep.

Proper sleep is necessary for such a woman who has to work hard all round the clock , beginning at home than at office and after finally returning home. If deprived of the same one might end up facing problems like high blood pressure if you do not take proper sleep, which is suggested. A good nap at least twice a day is very necessary.

You work hard, literally struggle for family and your work, you are the one on whom the entire family looks up to for petty work. If you do not keep well, there is no one to take your place. So be firm, pull up your socks, tighten up your belts for those who count on you and rely on you.

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