Natural Ways To Lose Your Belly Fat After Delivery!

There you are cuddling your new born angel peacefully sleeping. Finally your bundle of joy is here! It’s been a long journey indeed. You then look into your mirror and you get dismayed at what you see. Ugly stretch marks and a saggy tummy-lo! Pathetic! Eventually you realize that you no longer fit in your elegant dresses and bikinis. Sooner than later, tightening the tummy becomes the number one thing on your wishes list because you want to get your sexy back. Certainly, there is hope because you can have a tight tummy again!

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles become stretched to allow the baby enough space to grow. This space may cause a split and the deeper the split the more time it will take to tone those muscles. All in all, it takes everybody effort, determination and the right information to achieve this otherwise everyone would look great. Unlike celebrities, those of us who live in the real world should accept the reality that we are different and the speed at which you achieve your flat tummy may be healthy but not the same as for the other woman.

Immediately you deliver, and especially when it’s natural, the use of a belt helps keep the stomach at bay as you recover before you start exercising. A tight belt helps in squeezing the stomach so as to drain out the blood in the uterus and prevents the muscles from bulging and healing in this lumpy position but rather pushes it back to its rightful place as the stomach muscles shrink. If you delivered through a C-section, a belt can only be used after the doctor gives you a clean bill of health.

The truth is, a flat stomach can only be achieved through total body fitness, not just toning your abdomen. Remember that during pregnancy the body at large gains extra pounds that should be shed off. Seek advice from a fitness expert on how to exercise wholly. Healthy diet is also key to reducing body fat. Avoid foods with high fat content and calories and eat more of vegetables, fruits, fiber rich foods as you take in lots and lots of water at least six to eight glasses each day. This helps in flushing out bloating.

Belly crunches will do for abdominal exercise as they concentrate at the abdominal spot. They are very simple. All you need to do is lie down on the floor with your knees bent almost at ninety degree angle, then put your feet apart and flat on the ground.

Place your hands behind your head maintaining your elbows in.Then lift your shoulders off the floor as your lower back remains on the floor. Do this slowly as you exhale. Begin to go down slowly to the starting point as you inhale. Repeat this severally and thrice each day.

Besides the above, it’s important to mind your lifestyle and quit bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and avoid stress. These three things are linked to raising the stress hormone cortisol that increases abdominal fat. With all these, you are sure to have your sexy pack back!

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