Some of the Possible Causes of Hair Loss!

Hair loss, which is one of the most common health problem, and most found in women. Frankly speaking it is common in both men and women, and it is not at all limited to any race or community or culture. In fact it is a global problem, and frankly each and every person loses some amount of hair on a daily basis.

Not only this, but you also generate some new hair on a daily basis. Means it is a continuous process, we lose some and we gain some. The problem is that when we lose more and gain few. Especially two out of 3 women are bound to face this situation, and they really scream about the same too.

I was not that much concerned about hair loss till a few days back, when my wife complained me that she is facing the problem of hair loss. Although a few months back I too was facing the same, but I any how did not panicked that much for the same.

As I mentioned earlier that it is quite usual that we lose some hair, so mild hair loss is not a big-big concern, but yes excessive hair loss is something which will need proper care, attention and medical attention. As we all know that hair is often considered as one of the most valuable assets of women, and frankly speaking it increases the beauty of them, so proper attention and care is required for them.

Hair Fall Causes

By knowing the exact reason the hair fall, anyone can be able to stop it. Different people will have different causes of hair loss; here are a few which might affect your beauty too.


As we all know that some of the diseases like diabetes, hair loss, baldness etc. can be caused due to the heredity factors. Some genetic problems along with the problems with androgen hormones can cause hair loss in human beings. Androgenetic alopecia, which is actually one of the most common types of hair loss problem, can be caused due to heredity only. Thus heredity might be the most common cause of hair loss problem.


In this stressful life, any diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, memory problems, diarrhea, constipation etc. can be actually caused due to stress. Not only this, sometimes stress can also increase the hair loss. A few months back while I too realized the same, as I was taking more stress of my work and I was losing the hair, but lately I decided not to take that much stress and I got relieved from the hair loss problem.

Some Illness

Some of the illnesses like malaria, typhoid, etc. can also be a cause of the hair loss problem. With some of the illnesses, baldness also comes along. Also for some patients chemotherapy, can also increases the problem of hair loss. Major concern is that in some of these cases hair loss cannot be incurable too. We won’t leave with many options in this case, but yes doctors can suggest you some ways to outcome from this.


As I mentioned that some of the illness can also cause hair loss, while similarly some of the medications can also cause the problem of hair fall. One major advantage with the hair loss caused by medication is that it might be a temporary effect. The same can be rectified once you stopped taking those medicines.


Hormonal dysfunctions can also be one of the main players of the hair loss problem. Doctors say that people having hyperactive or less active thyroid gland can might have the problem of hair loss. Many women during pregnancy and during post delivery too face the problem of hair loss due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. The good thing associated with this problem is that it can be rectified easily.


Apart from all the above mentioned causes infection is also one of the prime reasons behind the hair fall problem. Although the good thing is that these types of hair loss problems can be easily rectified.

Apart from all the above mentioned causes there are a few more possible reasons behind the hair fall problem. For some people psychological factors, improper hair care, imbalance in sex hormones, can also be one of the prime reasons of the hair loss. Whatever it would be, I know that it can always increase the frustration and reduces the confidence level too. By knowing the exact cause of the hair loss at least we can get some solution for the same.

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