How to be Sure if you Are in a Emotionally Abusive Relationship!

Relationship, one of the factor which inspires us to do good work, one of the prime source of inspiration in our life. I am too lucky that I got a partner who is too caring and understands me badly. Thus I am one of the most luckiest person, who has a good relationship.

Not all of us has the same privilege in our life. Not many people are that much lucky as I am. No matter how old you are, how smart you are, how attractive you are, but you can also become a victim of emotional abuse, and telling you one fact is that sometimes many of us did not even understand that we became a victim of some emotionally abusive relationship.

Here are some of the tips through which you too can identify that you are a victim of abusive relationship and you can try to isolate yourself from this kind of people.

Emotionally Abusive Relationship!

Isolate You from Society

Believe me, these types of emotionally abusive spouses will try to isolate you from your family, friends and society. They want you all to themselves only. The biggest problem with these types of people is that they would never consider you as a separate identity, and they will never consider that you had a life outside this relationship, and sometimes it becomes dangerous too. It is you who can only decide weather your partner is falling in this group or not.

Verbally Hurt You

These types of spouses will always try to hurt you. They would verbally abuse you whenever they get a chance, and later they might say you that they were joking. The main tendency of these types of abusers is that for each of the mistakes they will always try to blame you only. They will always try to let you believe that everything is fine, if there is any problem then it is you who has the problem, not him/her. Be aware when you found yourself in a relationship in which your partner is always blaming you for any of the problems.

Never Takes Any Responsibility

The reason behind the success of any relationships lies in the understanding, and understanding develops with sharing the responsibilities. A good partner will always help you out in delivering responsibilities, but a bad partner will never take any of the same. It is not always a good sign if your partner never takes responsibility.

Emotionally Abusive Relationship!

Use of Alcohol and Drugs

One of the most dangerous sign in my opinion is the use of alcohol and drugs in a relationship, actually drugs and alcohol is always bad. I won’t tell that every abusers use to take drugs or drinks to abuse his/her partner, but most of them do the same. I myself has seen many people who prefer to do so. And this is the prime reason why I hate those who drinks or take drugs. An addiction of anything is dangerous, so be aware if you are aware that your partner is alcoholic. It can be a foundation stone of an unhealthy relationships and you won’t be able to blame anyone later for this.

Fear Factor

If you reached to this stage, then believe me you are in serious trouble. If you too sometimes feel fear around your partner then I am sure it is good time to say goodbye to your partner. There is something really very wrong behind your relationship and you should need to give it a second thought. Every abusers will try to dominate his/her partner, and they can take the help of violence too. Beware of this situation in your life.

Bad Treatment

Frankly speaking a abuser will treat you badly, as if you are a servant. He or she will always expect you to do whatever he or she will ask and also never help you too. Well, let me also tell you one of the most dangerous situation which you can be able to face with these types of people. They will always try that their partner will spent time only with them, and if you spent any time with anyone else, be it in a group too, in which he/she is also a part, still he will treat you badly later for the same.

Gets Physical

Believe me, this is the worst situation in any relationships, in which the abusive partner started to hurt you physically. It all starts with pulling your hair, punching you, or grabbing you so hard that you can bruise also, and there is no extent up to which it can go. This can only be a warning sign, but if you are able to see this warning sign then you must be get out of this situation.

Well, my dear friends, it is not true that only women can be a victim of these above mentioned situations, but a men too can be a victim of the same. Frankly speaking you should understand that emotional abuse in any relationship is not acceptable and you should protest it too.

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