10 Ways to Boost Metabolism!

Every human body burns calories and the rate at which it does is called metabolism. Men have more muscle that is why they have a faster metabolism rate but as you grow old it starts declining with age. Muscle are lost little by little, the overall body movement is decreased but the amount of food we intake remains the same. You must have noticed in many people that they eat less but still gain weight, this happens due to hormonal changes going on in the body as you grow old.

If you wish to shed few extra pounds from the body then it would be good if you find ways to increase your metabolism rate and you will be easily slimmed down. You will not have to cut on calories as well. Here are the 10 best ways to boost your metabolism and will be able to lose weight easily.

  • Breakfast is necessary – it helps getting your metabolism start at early which means you will be eating less during the day. Also breakfast gives you enough energy to carry out your tasks throughout your day.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes – it is a very essential part of any health making regime. As you sweat while exercising excess amount of dirt is removed from the body. In order to keep your cells active one has to maintain physical activity on daily basis. One of the easiest ways to do is by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can try out resistance and aerobic exercises or just simple stretches; it will burn down the calories as well as help in boosting up metabolism rate. You can even break your exercise regime in 10 minutes segment if you would like to do so.
  • Avoid too much sitting – if you are in a habit of sitting still in front of television or laptops then you are likely to have a really slow metabolism rate. It is advisable to get up and take a walk around often. If you are too busy in your work and tend to forget about these things then you can try setting a 30 minute interval times and then go for a quick walk or stretch.
  • Take small meals – it is always better to take small and frequent meals than a full three time meal. It helps you fight your cravings and also revives your metabolism rate. It will also not let you gain weight. Do not skip meals of the day as it will lead to fatigue which is definitely not good. Not eating does not make you lose fat or increase your metabolism rate rather it will lead to more health problems only.
  • Muscle building – you would be interested in knowing the fact that muscle tend to burn more calories as compared to fat per minute. As you start growing old muscle mass needs to be preserved for which you need to do some weight training. You will find plenty of videos and books on strength training online as well as offline. You can even try working out with a trainer twice or may be thrice a week. One can even go for rotating specific exercise; in that case you will not be putting pressure on certain areas. Weight training will also help you increase the metabolic rate of your system. You will get the best results if you perform it five days a week for at least half an hour.
  • Drink plenty of water – drink about 3-4 litres of water in a day. It will increase your metabolism rate for about 28% an hour. Try drinking it cold for better results. Drinking plenty of water has lot of benefits not only for your metabolism rate but also for your skin. You will have an amazing metabolism rate along with beautiful skin.
  • Include protein in your diet – protein is necessary for muscle building so it would be great if you include little amount of protein in your every meal. It is excellent for muscle building, helps in controlling hunger and even stabilizes the sugar level in the body. Solid protein food contains thermo genic fat burning properties and that is why you should them include in the diet. Some of the protein filled foods are fish, top round, lean sirloin, egg whites, shellfish, buffalo, bison, elk, venison, turkey breast and chicken breast.
  • Have green tea – green tea has compounds in it called caffeine and catechins and both of which helps in boost metabolism rate. You can burn up to 50 calories in a day by having four cups of green tea. If you buy a standardized extract of green tea then you are likely to get more of catechins and less of caffeine. Whenever you are following a diet regime it is best to avoid alcohol, fasting and sugar intake should be lessened. The reason behind this is that all these things make your metabolism rate go slow.
  • Intake CoQ10 – it is an excellent energy supplement which will boost up your energy level. It will help you work out for long period of time with more vitality in your body. It will increase your stamina and endurance. A chemical called capsaicin is known to boost up your metabolism rate. You will find this chemical in jalapenos, cayenne peppers and habanero sauces.
  • Intake conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – this is one such liquid which will help you build muscle even when you are resting on the couch. You can even take up foods which help in boosting metabolism rate; it includes fibrous foods, green vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, salad, cucumber and green bean. One should also increase intake of fruits in their diet like pumpkins, blackberries, lemons, grapefruit and orange.

So if you are the one who is growing old and does not wish to get fat then it is high time that you start following above ten tips and remain young forever.

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