Some ways which can Change your Look!

The general conception is that men do not have many options available in fashion. But there are a lot more things which men aren’t aware of and they tend to choose the same fits and colors again and again. Here are few tips on how you can change your look.

  • Color – this is one thing which matters a lot. You need not stick to only black, blue or red, there are a lot more colors present on this planet. Be a sport and try experimenting with diverse colors. A tanned or warm skin tone can do well with gold undertones, yellow and even brown. While fairer men can try out bright colors like pink or blue. No need to make a face as soon as you hear the color ‘pink’, every guy wearing pink is not a gay. Color is powerful in itself. Say for instance, blue, it is one color which goes with every skin tone. There are a lot of shades in blue which makes it suitable for every skin tone. And also blue is known for its capability of communication. Then comes the red color, it denotes power and drama just like Ferrari and blood. On the other side orange denotes friendliness and fun. While purple is known for its luxury and intellect. The earthy tones like green and brown inspire faithfulness and trust.

  • Fit – this is again a really important thing to consider. If you have gone chubby then you are not likely to fit in the clothes you wore in college but most guys find it difficult to accept. Not only gals but guys are also very particular about their weight; however it is a less known fact. Anyways, let’s continue with our tips on looking good. Instead of trying to fit in your college wardrobe try doing something else, like make use of heavier fabrics along with some drape. Opt for dark colors as it will make you look leaner. Try out matt fabric having camouflage to get the slimmer look. Remember bright colors visually expand, so try to avoid them.

  • Do not copy, just be yourself – it is quite a known fact that one who looks good feels good too. And this is how people think and get attracted towards you. Do not over emphasize your casuals and wear what you feel comfortable in. No need to give a damn about the fit or colors. Comfort is the first thing which should be in your mind. What’s the point looking good when you cannot carry the look with comfort? So leave everything aside and give comfort the first priority.

  • Mix and match – you can team up your wardrobe with nice accessories. For a formal look tie would be nice along with an elegant belt. For a funky look you can try out hats or bracelets with a nice pair of sneakers. Just imagine and experiment.

Try out these tips and you will definitely notice a significant difference in your looks.

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