Arguments which are common in any Relationships!

For keeping a relationship lively one needs to keep debating on different issues. In every relationship arguments takes place and here are some of the most common issues on which arguments are based on.

  • Why did you leave the kitchen door open? This is just a pity thing but trust me arguments does takes place on it as well.

  • When going to some place which has two ways but with identical distance, the argument has to take place on which route to take. However, it does not matter as the distance is same but still arguments will carry on.

  • Now this is one of the major issues in relationship, spending time on your computer. Women get really irritated as men spend a really good amount of time on computer and god knows what.

  • Which movie to watch? And in case both parties decide to watch the same movie, the debate will go on to which seat to take.

  • Then next comes interrogating each other’s stuff. This sounds weird but this does take place. Men and women both are curious to know what their partner has in her cabinet. And if they are caught doing so then you can imagine how bizarre it could get.

  • The TV equals to tension. Couples had to fight over television, it could be on the topic of program you watch or it could be that you watch too much. I guess, television should be banned from the life of the people entering into relationship. Half of the issues will be resolved as soon as television is out of their life. TV remote can lead to endless arguments. One places it on the arm of the sofa or chair considering it to be more important than life itself.

  • Mirror is another issue between the couples. Almost each and every couple fights over the usage of bathroom and the mirror.

  • The way one dresses up is another issue. Men have problem when their partner wear short clothes or low cleavage top. And women have problem when their guy wear a shirt with creases. None of them will let the other one live peacefully with the kind of clothes they want to wear.

  • The gifts matters a lot. First of all men never remember to carry gifts on special occasions. Also in case they do they will carry something stupid. On the other hand when men ask their women what do they want on Christmas or any special day, they will say you give me a surprise. And as expected the surprise will not be as pleasant as expected. Why can’t women just tell what do they want when asked. Men do not understand silent language, they are not that brilliant.

Every relationship has issues but the thing which matters is how you handle them. The way you handle them is ultimately going to decide the fate of the debate.

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