What Men Want in a Relationship!

There is always a love hate relationship with men. We stay with them and still scream at them. They are the most adorable creatures of the planet and a bane of our existence too. People in general or rather say women get mistaken in understanding their men by not identifying with simple laws governing the character of their men. Men are supposed to be from mars which represent characteristics like bravery, fierceness and independent attitude.

The simple rule applies to men; consider them as ‘babies’. They require the primary importance of their partner in every circumstance. The importance here does not mean spoon feeding (it can take place once in a while though) but rather he needs to all the time. Women do not know this but they are the pillar of strength for every man. Men practice little things to live up to the ideal standard of women. Do not repeat things for him as he takes them for nagging. You might be just reminding him generally but that would definitely piss him off. Instead of speaking yourself let your actions speak and you will automatically be rewarded back with loads of love.

The first thing which any men want in a relationship is fun. He would like to share his interests with you indoor as well as outdoor. So make sure you participate in his interests otherwise he will be bored soon. Do not believe a man when he says “looks doesn’t matter”, they do matter a lot and how many times they deny it, it will remain in their mind. So dress up well for your man. Obviously we all know that not everyone can look hot and sexy. But one can still look graceful with a good dressing sense. And you can even dress up a bit naughty when you guys are alone, this will add more value on your part.

Personal hygiene in women is also important for men, no matter how unhygienic they stay themselves. Basic hygiene routines like manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading and facial are required. You might not know but men hate make up, actually when it is done over the board. You can put up light make up as you do not want your men to be ogling at your different layers of makeup. They consider women are naturally beautiful and makeup is just a farce.

Men like to know about the past relationships of women. However he would never like to answer any question about his past relationships. So tell him the bitter truth as he is one who demanded it. Another thing which is most expected of a women, to cook delicious food. There is a great saying “the way to men’s heart is through his stomach”, it is completely true and works also. Good food is directly proportional to more love.

Nagging is one thing every woman should avoid. Men hate to be told what they should do and what not. Let them free and they will be captured by your love. And the last but not the least a man requires love, commitment, faithfulness and dedication from his woman.

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