Top 11 Ways to Impress Women!

Men need to understand that even a slightest compliment can make a lot of difference as far as impressing a woman is concerned. You might not know that either it will offend her to no extents or flatter her in a way you thought was not possible. Here are top 11 ways to impress a woman.

Look into her eyes – whenever you are talking to a woman looking into her eyes is the best option. One should not stare somewhere below. Because if she catches you doing so, you will be badly screwed and trust me on that. Do not behave like a creep when she is telling you about her family and how much she cares about them. Look into her eyes whenever you are having any conversation with her.

Be well-trimmed – every woman in this world wants their men to have a good personality and for that you need proper grooming. Do not even think of meeting a woman with untidy clothes or face. You should look good as well as smell good all the time. Do not even go near a woman if you suffer from bad body or breathe odor. It is advisable for you to stay away until and unless you get yourself drenched in perfume. It does mean you necessarily need to be clean shaved all the time but whatever facial hair or beard style you wish to have should be well trimmed and maintained.

Show some manners – you can do this by simply helping her with the coat. All women like the display of old chivalry by gentlemen. This act will prove that you are courteous and kind. And with this new age this thing has almost disappeared and if you will perform this assignment successfully then there are very high chances of her being impressed with your manners. Another benefit which you will get from this act of chivalry is that you will increase her comfort level with you; you will get close to her without being too close.

Be friends with her friends – socialization with her friends is a necessity. It is a woman’s tendency to get attracted towards a social, likeable and charming man, whom they can show to their friends and families. Talking with her friends will just work like a magic wand on her and she will be highly impressed with you. But before doing so just make sure she is the only one you want to impress. Do not over indulge yourself with her friends too; you should know where to stop.

Give attention to her instead of your phone – do not even dare to attend a call or check a text while involved in a conversation with a woman. This directly gives the message to woman that “you are not as important as my phone call is”. We all know that texting has gained a lot of importance these days. Men have the tendency to think that they can take up a call or respond to an email while conversing with a woman or while on a date with her. But this is not what you should if you really wish to have a second date with the same woman. When you are in a company of woman the whole concentration should be on her and let her watch you in silence.

Women like to answer the questionnaire – ask her a lot of questions. Every woman likes to talk about herself as they have an expertise in this field. If you want her to open up and feel comfortable with you then ask about her hobbies, favourite things, her past and so forth. This will also give an impression that you are interested in her as a person and not just her looks. This is not just a fatal physical attraction but more than that.

Etiquettes – in this section you can try opening up the door for women or pull the chair while you go out for dinner. This is a purely classic gesture of a gentleman. However women are really independent these days but these little acts of chivalry will do no harm.

Praise her – giving compliments on how she looks is definitely going to impress her but make sure your appreciation should not be converted to ‘excess flattery’. It will end up looking cheap if you overdo it. Compliment on her outfit or her good dressing sense.

Ask for suggestion – asking for her advice will show her that she is important in your life and her opinions matters to you. But do not act like a fool as if you know nothing, you are here for advice and not a full-fledged plan. Do not behave like a 5year old clueless child. For instance, you can ask whether you should move into a loft or a townhouse. This will allow you to start a conversation which would be more extensive and meaningful, and will also allow both of you to express your opinions regarding the same.

Pamper her – this is one thing which each and every woman on this earth loves. You can do little things like taking her out for ice cream, pedicure or any spa. Treat her as the most special person of your life. Giving small surprises can do wonders.

Appreciate her positive attitude – tell your woman that you get a positive vibe whenever she is around; this will make her feel really happy and special. You can even ask about the things which make her such a happy and delightful person. This way she will be able to discuss her life with you and the comfort level between the two of you will be increased.

These are the top 11 tips to impress a woman, hope they work for you and you are able to impress the love of your life.

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