Education System in India!

Our India is having a large  intelligent  population the only hurdle is our education system. I firmly believe that if we can provide better education then others will face tough competition with our Indians. We lack in education system, which needs proper attention.

First of all it is necessary to make it possible for every Indian to get education. Steps should be taken that approach to education should be viable for every citizen.

Secondly, our Government should clear all the decks for providing education in interiors, which is lacking much as well as much populated. Our major population is in interiors and where as no proper provisions are there. Because these are remote areas and nobody can take risk to this challenging job because financial involvement is there with least recoveries, which will lead to a great loss.

Third reason is now our Govt. has commercialized hence not paying interest to this area of liability. They must pay attention to this sector, as this will become a major sector of growth. Today we are growth oriented and must know the necessity for the same.

Fourth, it is proud for we people today that the private sector has jumped into the education sector. But this lead to many malpractices.  We can notice when we come to know that the teachers in Govt. schools pay attention to only those students who are getting coaching from them for their own financial benefits only.

Fifth, private sector’s association in education is quite appreciated but not at this much higher cost. I can see that huge population is still unable to bear this cost.

Sixth, our technical education system is not up to the mark means it is not competent to the international standards. If there are some institutes competent to the international standards i.e., IIT’s etc. but few in numbers.

It is necessary for us to raise the strength of the same to get qualitative educated brands in large numbers.

Seventh, we must know that our large population is in rural areas where agriculture is main industry there. So, we should give attention to upgrade our agriculture industry we should give attention to this education sector to get technical agriculturists. Which I hope will boost our economy in top gear.

Eighth, our Govt. should know that after its commercialization it is not the liability of the private sector only to take it through. It is mainly on the Govt.’s shoulders as major population is eyeing on them.

More over & lastly it is to be said that our Govt. should not prepare the politically motivated programmes to please only to gain votes. Today we are looking after the growth of the nation, so, we must look after all these aspects and our children will praise us for efforts taken along with the results acquired.

We should join hands to make shining INDIA and a brilliant tomorrow.

Author of this article is Mr. Dilbag Chaudhary. A 55 year old guy from New Delhi, who is associated with Delhi BuildTech Pvt. Ltd. company. This article is completely his own views and we would like to hear the feedback from our visitors regarding this story. Please do post your views in the form of comment or do mail us at

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